Just Stuff

First, a brief plug for my jokes list. Once again, it’s a read only list. Nobody can post, so no more than 3 or so posts per week normally. Many weeks it’s zero. Some of the jokes are not for the faint of heart. Just go here if you want to join.

Secondly, the Panthers are collapsing and it’s really pissing me off. There’s no reason for it other than flat-out laziness and sloppy play. I won’t tell you all how much Jay Bouwmeester sucks but if you care, go the Message Board and read all about it.

Thirdly, I’ve changed the blogs in my friends’ blog roll below lower right.

Fourth, Dad’s having cataract surgery tomorrow so I’ll be really busy at work for two days. Good luck to Dad.

Fifth, I am hoping skating pans out this weekend since last weekend the rink was closed for a stupid figure-skating tournament. I have nothing but scorn for figure skaters during public session where they are narcissistic, self-centred, disasters waiting to happen.

Sixth, all your Facebook groupies who hate the new news-feed might I suggest you join the group for all haters of same. Once again Facebook foists an unwelcome change on users without actually asking the users. Blech.

Seventh: my brain is deteriorating. I have found myself using the “words” meh and W00T in conversation. This is disconcerting. It is not acceptable.

Eighth: I am going to start a new novel. I’m going to aim for 100,000 words to beat my own personal record. I know nobody cares, but I do. Writing is good.

Shout Outs: Welcome back from Disney, Evan — and you made the blogroll. Greg — thanks for the tickets last night.

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