Worst Movie Ever

I have frequently mentioned that the worst movie EVER made was a film called LaserBlast that I saw in 1978 in Key West, Florida (where I lived at the time). It may have absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever, even as a footnote to history. It was trying to cash in on the Star Wars craze. Years later, sometimes I’d ask friends what the worst movie they ever saw was. Anyone who has ever seen this “film” has also given it top prize for biggest piece of shit ever made.

I happened to be on IMDB today and noticed their “bottom 100 ” list and looked out of curiosity’s sake. What did I find? LaserBlast is one of the worst movies ever made. See for yourself here: http://www.imdb.com/chart/bottom — they list others movies that are marginally worse, but I’ve never heard of them and in fact on the whole list, I have only seen one and heard of three.

They have a “top 250” list too but I am generally displeased with the ordering of films. Wall*E is not better than Clockwork Orange in any world I know. There are many other anomalies, but almost all anomalies are accounted for by too much credence being given to recent films.

Had a great time today with John and Liz at the deserted skating rink. Yay. And a nice leisurely breakfast for which Mister Higgins joined us.

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