Weirdness of Today

Today was take your kids to work day or some variant of that depending on what part of the country you live in. We’ve allowed this for quite a few years now though it does cause some slowdown at work. Maybe it’s the economy but we only had two kids this year: the regulars. Anyway, as is tradition I bought pizza and Coke for everyone. Dominos was the winner because of the on-line coupons. Eleven pizzas, six Cokes, bread sticks, for $108 including tax and tip. Not bad. The kids were happy and most of the adults too. I was bad and had three slices instead of the zero I should have had. This is why I am fat — when it comes to food I’ve got no will-power.

I woke up, ate my usual breakfast, (bowl of Raisin Bran cereal with skim milk and two teaspoons — levelled — of sugar) read the paper and filed off to work. At work got up and was oddly dizzy. Maybe not dizzy but certainly light-headed and had to grab the wall. This is not usual for me, and except for that post-drinking hangover, never really experienced it before. I was also out-of-sorts which is unusual for me (thanks for the smart-ass comments I can hear you all thinking). Not sure it was related to the spell or not. If you’ve ever been hung-over from a hard night and then received a call at 8am when you were hoping to wake just in time for lunch, you know how I felt: foggy, a little confused, and, well, out-of-sorts.

I am overly preoccupied with some things lately so the out-of-sorts bit may be unrelated. Several friends suggested it might be that nasty bout of meningitis going around but I lack some of the very key symptoms. Oddly, I thought Erin might have it but again same thing. Which is good. So if the Red Wings lose, we may do dinner together Saturday night.

A special shout out to Tara who’s going through a rough patch. Not sure she reads here, but nonetheless she gets the shout out anyway.

Skating and breakfast Sunday. Saturday AM must run to Fort Lauderdale for an hour for a secret project. I hope to share the details with you one day. It’ll be cool. I’m guessing long about Xmas. A few of you will think I’m nuts, but most of you will think it was a good thing to do. I’ll give you a hint: it involves lots of forms.

Lastly, I won’t embed this video but will link to it. It’s a video of model trains from a company called Miniatur Wunderland of the largest model railroad in the world. Worth the 4m51s to watch if you’re into that thing.

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