Shout Out to Friends v2.0

Shout out to Jace, who gave me some advice which I took. Not that it worked well. Still he gave me advice that nobody else I trust could have reliably provided.

Also a very special shout out to Maury who gave me the heads up on this top-secret project which I am working on. Everything’s done and on its way to the application processing centre. Now it’s a waiting game of 2 to 18 months if there are no issues which cause the application to be kicked back.

A shout out to Karen with whom I’m going to Beatlemania on Thursday night. The added side bonus means another possible meal at the Hard Rock. Renegade or Tatu are the likely victims. Either way is okay by me.

Had fun watching Erin work Saturday (see last post) because I learned a little more about what she does. Yay.

I installed Google Friend Connect (left side, 3/4 of the way down) for those who use it. A few people had asked. Now that I went to the trouble to install it, watch, nobody will use it. Yay. I don’t care so much.

I am forcing myself to meet new people. It’s something I really, really, really hate to do. I don’t like people as a rule and meeting new ones is what I consider a very high stress activity. I have a very small comfort zone at this stage of my life and meeting new people takes me way, way out of that zone. We’ll see how this works for me. I am pensive and/or skeptical about this. Or something. However, I do think I want a few more friends: real friends. The kind that take work. I forgot how making friends works :/

I’m writing again. This is a good thing.

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