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    I watched the season finale of Lost last night — three hours worth. The recap filled in some holes, though it bothers me that the holes are big enough to require filling in. If Ben decided that he needed to kill Locke after just saving him only to change his mind upon hearing Faraday’s name (link has a serious spoiler), then make sure we know why from the show and not the recap. I do like how Lost uses names like “Faraday” (look it up) for its characters because they mean something related to the show. Ditto for Locke and others. Jacob confused me: he was introduced and killed in the episode. It was great to see Rose and Bernard again, living with Vincent though their indifference in the face of certain doom was not so believable. Goodbye to Juliet. Sawyer and Hurley are really good characters though Kate and Jack irritate me more than anything. I’m sure Charlie’s guitar (you DID get that, right?) is going to be important. My one nagging question is: Which Locke conned Ben into killing Jacob? I don’t think that’s 2007 Locke (dead in the chest) but perhaps 1977 Locke brought forward. I think he co-exists in two times like Richard. Maybe.

  2. Around 1015 last night, I experienced something very eerie. I was coming into my room, and I saw Scooter coming around the corner out of my bathroom. As you may recollect, Scooter is no longer among the living. It was her. Absolutely, positively no doubt in my mind at all. She came out, passed my Ottoman, and then vanished. I got a shudder and the chills but not in a bad way. It wasn’t a full vision, but more of a moving shadow in her shape. I just knew right away by the movements and the trail taken. Very specific to her.

  3. Technorati sucks balls. Really. They’re off-line, on-line but broken, and so on. Now my blog has vanished from my ‘claimed blog’ list. It really doesn’t matter because I got signed off a few days ago while they were performing maintenance and now I can’t sign back on and my favourites lists is all blank. I just thought I’d mention how I hate them.

  4. Google-Ad Sense. I’ve repositioned my banners in the hopes more people click on them. I think will all the stuff here, they just sort of drifted out of people’s minds and ability to see them. If you have feedback on where I’ve put them, let me know. I don’t want them to be obtrusive, but it’d be nice if I could actually get revenue from them. Since my traffic is way down (thanks again Technorati) more clicks are more important. Been a long time since I got a check from Google. And Google’s been acting flaky all day, which is unusual for them.

  5. Link Exchange. I want to increase my blog’s profile. If you have a blog and want it mentioned in an article here, I’ll do it if you do the same in your blog. Just send me your blog’s URL and what it’s about (and why anyone would be interested). If you’ve got a blogroll, please add this blog there. Help spread the love. Hell, if you post on the ‘net, be sure and mention this blog somewhere if you can. (Don’t spam — be relevant.)

  6. I added a new “SHARE” button and removed buttons for all the individual stuff. I removed the massive tag list because it was becoming unwieldy. I hope the new looks is better. I’ll keep toying with it. Suggestions welcome.

  7. Saturday is ‘visit with mom’ day. Good luck to Bryce on his test. Good luck to Erin with her reconstruction. Good luck to Tara on several fronts. Sunday is skating and I’m looking forward to that. Monday I have a secret event: details later if I can. Quite a few movies I want to see and nobody to see them with. I need more friends. I’ve been eating like shit the past few days and have hit a record high new weight. I will resume my diet and exercise plan on Monday. Sorry I’ve not been blogging regularly, but I’ve been writing again — working on a new novel. And I’m still looking for an agent. whine

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