Night At The Museum: Smithsonian (Review)

Well it was going to be a big day out: Erin, Evan, Brenda, their two kids, The Higgi (4), and Tara (3), Karen, and Steve (2), plus me. Karen cancelled due to mother issues, Tara didn’t show for reasons unknown, and Erin had ambulatory issues (though she did join us after).

I wasn’t expecting a good movie. I was expecting entertaining. There’s a difference and it seems many people who review movies don’t get that. This was a movie that wasn’t designed to be good but was designed to be fun.

So, I arrived at 1020, earlier than I had planned. Steve was next. The Berner clan followed. Then the Higgi. We waited for Tara until quarter to 11, then went in. After 30+ minutes of previews including a great one for the new Potter film, it finally started. There were about ten minutes of really slow, boring stuff at the beginning before it got good. But unlike the first one, this stayed fun right from one end to the other. I liked it better. I had fun. This movie will win no acting awards, that’s for sure. Stiller clearly was on autopilot, but I didn’t care. I had fun.

I beat up The Berner kids which is always fun. After the movie, we all went to Lucille’s except for Steve and Evelyn who went off to do errands. Erin joined as for lunch. After that, I took her home, went to Sawgrass Mills, bought new shoes, and came home. I am currently doing laundry. And charging my cel phone battery which seems to randomly lose its charge. I may have to replace the battery. It hung up on Jose today.

Josh called me yesterday, but I missed his call. That was exciting — so I hope we can actually speak again. Been a very, very long time.

Yesterday I visited Erin and brought her breakfast (Bagels and cream cheese and milk). I visited her and we watched the Catherine Tate Show (Series One DVD) which was a riot (mostly).

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