The Day After Le Accident + Wanda Sykes

Came home last night (see below) to a slew of answering machine messages. None of which I have returned yet (sorry). Also had tons of emails, all of which I’ve returned last night but 2 or 3 which require more detailed replies.

I woke up around 6am after a long night with large quantities of Darvocet, Percocet, and Fioricet. Definitely no internal bleeding because no blood’s leaking out any of my orifices. No bruises I can see.

So where does it hurt still?

  1. My neck and left shoulder definitely are in bad shape. Way worse than before last accident. Range of motion substantially decreased.
  2. Two of my teeth really hurt. Top molar on each side. Second tooth from back not counting missing wisdom tooth. Right side can’t even chew bread it’s so bad. Suspect filling is damaged. Right one is ultra-temperature sensitive, but can eat/chew normally. Definitely an accident symptom because didn’t have it before.
  3. I am getting splitting headaches — these are from the teeth. As soon as tooth goes nuts, the headache starts.
  4. On both knees I have one spot that is sore to the touch. Wasn’t last night. On the inside, top corner of the kneecap in the soft, mushy area. A sport about the size of a dime.

    What’s better?
  5. My kidney area doesn’t hurt — all gone.
  6. Right hip bone a little sore but no big deal and it is rapidly getting better. It should be fine in a few days.
  7. Back spasms are all gone (only one all day)
  8. Vision and hearing still suck — but that’s the same as before the accident. No degradation. 🙂

    So, on to last night’s events. So, I had mentioned that I was supposed to Wanda Sykes last night and then I was sure, because of the accident I couldn’t go. I was really irritated. As it turns out, I decided I’d give it the ole’ college try because I’d been looking forward to this. So I met Karen at the Washington Street garage and then we walked over to Lincoln Road for dinner. I hadn’t been in damn near two decades. It reminded me of Brussels because everyone was smoking, speaking a foreign language, and as you passed each restaurant (most empty) you were accosted by the maitre d’. About 3/4 of the restaurants were Italian, so that’s what we opted for. We picked one that had a number of people at it, but not too busy, that had an appealing menu. The offered us each a free drink, and it sounded like a good idea. The food was decent, and it was prepared properly as you might expect at a real Italian restaurant as opposed to, say, Olive Garden. We finished, paid, and everything over there is obscenely expensive, and she decided we should have dessert. That was Ghirardelli where we split a hot fudge sundae. I was pleased to find we even still had one here in Florida.

    Afterwards we went to the The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theatre which is where Ms Sykes was scheduled to perform at 8. Her opening act, Keith Robison (I think that was his name) appeared around 815, went for about 20 minutes, and I must say he was awesome. I guess he was a bit like Don Rickles because he definitely picked on some guys in the audience. He (and Wanda after him) note the uniformity of the colour of the audience — mostly white, which is apparently unusual at their shows. Wanda came on around 840 or so and went until 10 on the nose.

    Wanda was a riot and she definitely played heavily off both the race card (with some witty Watermelon and KFC comments) and her sexuality. She talked about both Obamas, Barbara Bush, and made some very, very, very raunchy comments about dick soup which left the audience in stitches.

    While it was amusing, I don’t like when musicians, comedians, etc, make political statements. And she did do that during her act. The jokes are okay, but the direct statements were a bit irritating. However, I did laugh the entire time. It was really, really good. I’d go again. A little too short.

    It was pouring after the show, so instead of having a post-show coffee we both went home.

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