Let The Fun Begin

So, I called the dentist this morning because, of all the things that hurt, not being able to chew is the worst. My right and left teeth (one from the back not counting the wisdom) hurt like hell. Left is temperature sensitive and right is pressure sensitive. This wasn’t a problem before the accident.

The dentist was able to squeeze me in today at 430, so I went for the exam. I have not one, not two, but three cracked fillings. Two are without a doubt from the accident, the third is iffy what caused it, but since I had no pain from the accident, that is the assumption for now. I also have a cavity, which we will assume isn’t from the accident.

There are also some other issues (exist crown is not sitting right anymore — it appears to have moved since my last x-ray) and whatnot. We’re starting on the crack fillings Wednesday.

After I called the dentist, I spoke with the body shop as well as Hartford. Tomorrow I’m taking the car to the body shop and leaving it there for however long it needs to be there. Our rental coverage is limited to $20/day so I can see I’ll be paying more out of pocket here.

Hartford interviewed me, took a formal recorded statement (I didn’t confess to the Hoffa murders) and seemed genuinely concerned that I’m hurt. Speaking of hurt, most of the pains except for a few serious ones (teeth, neck, and left shoulder) are dissipating. I feel lucky that I was in a solid BMW.

I came home, and Mrs. Salamanca had left a message on my home number. I assume she got the number from the police report. Damn it to hell. I returned her call and told her to call me at work. However, I will not be having any discussions with her — they’ll all be directed to the insurance company. I can already sense the need for an attorney. Blech.

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