Dental Hell and the Death of a Florida Panther

Today was the first of several dental visits I will have as the result of my accident. Today’s work involved the upper right side of my mouth and was unrelated to the accident. But we got that one out of the way because it was easy. I begged him to do two teeth per visit, but no such luck. Today’s was quick and easy. It does feel much better, so I am happier. But two more to go and, still, the one that hurts the most shows nothing wrong on the x-ray or visual inspection: that tends to mean a root canal is in my future. That is probably three visits all by itself and there are possibly one or two of them to be done. He and I are both hoping otherwise and that as the mouth trauma dies down, they won’t hurt enough to require root canals. Tooth 14 is the big problem for all your dentists out there. Tooth 5 is what was done today.

Shout out to Erin who is moving along with her recovery process. And also one to Pablo for having dinner with me last night while I was dropping my car off for repair. The estimate is back today and it’s only going to be around $2000 — I have a $1000 deductible. Happily, there was no frame damage as originally suspected. That’s great. After that, it goes to BMW service to see what mechanical stuff needs work. (It’s at BMW body shop right now.)

And now the sad news — I’m sharing this from Donnie’s (Whale4Ever) blog because this story needs to be told. A Florida Panther was shot to death. Why someone would shoot such a beautiful, majestic, and nearly extinct creature is beyond me. Sure, it’s a crime with a $100,000 fine and 5 years in prison, but that’s not the point. I’m just really disgusted by this. I love all cats. I share Don’s outrage. If you leave in or near Hendry county where this happened and know who did it, or have any information, be sure to call the authorities right away. So go read Don’s excellent take on this tragic event.

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