Today’s Roundup

Madame de Gaulle was said to have been lunching with the American ambassador at the time of her husband’s retirement when she was asked what she was most looking forward to in the years ahead. She thought for a moment before announcing boldly: “A penis.” A startled hush fell over the table until the former president leant over and said: “My dear, I think its pronounced ‘happiness’.”

Now that you’re all laughing, I shall move on to other topics. (If you want to see jokes, check out my jokes mailing list and sign up.)

Breakfast was at a new place today — again — and it was pretty good, but the service all sucked. We’re 0 for 3 on service. None of the places had food issues — all service. It’s getting frustrating. Good help just doesn’t exist. We also got a rare visit from the legendary VanMurph. The regulars (John, Liz, Evan, Shane, Me) were all in attendance followed by a post-meal visit by Andy and Jessica who just needed directions to the rink (first timers). It’s on Flamingo and Johnson.

Skating was fine and nothing to report on that front. It’s about having fun. I mention this as a reminder to my friends who try too hard.

Afterwards, I went to Erin’s parents and picked her up and took her to her place as she’s still in a cast and can’t walk without crutches and pain. We watched Willy Wonka followed by Charlie and the Chocolate factory whilst drinking Kosher Coke (stuff made with sugar). Around 430 we went off to Renegade to celebrate Erin’s birthday and had a great meal as is to be expected. Then we left, having no casino moments due to her immobility. We had some gelato and then I took her back to her parents.

All this in my rental car which, until her mother helped me with some fabric softener, smelled like nasty cigarette smoke. Seems better.

I’m still up but am really tired so am off to bed in a moment. Tomorrow is breakfast with Karen and then Pelham 123 remake at the movies. Yay.

I have phlegm and sound scratchy. Eewww.

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