Page Ranking in Alexa: Breaking The Top Million

Page Rank (the busiest site in the world by all counts is of course: Google) And there are about 11 billion pages, so getting in the top is harder and harder, though about 10 billion of those pages, are not for public use — internal pages for companies, educational institutions, and such. Or if you just go by active domains there’s around 100 million of them. Either way, if you’re in the top 1% of popular pages, you’d have to be in the top million. My three primary pages are ranked as follows:

11,714,172interstate-screw.comALEXA DATA
756,747darsys.comALEXA DATA
2,904,133darsys.netALEXA DATA

I was actually pretty impressed at where my sites rank, though. Feel free to link to any of my sites if it makes you happy — it’ll make me happy. Though I’d much rather everyone link to my blog if you’re going to link. I’ve linked to both the site and the Alexa data to prove it.

Virtual domains such as are not tracked. While most may not realize it, that domain is really just so it’s not a real domain but a pointer to a place in an existing web structure. I’ve got quite a few of those.

Considering how many web pages there are in the world, breaking the top million sites is pretty cool. Anyway, I was impressed I’d moved up in the world. Now if I could get my visitors to click on some of those damned ads, I’d be happier. But it does give me perspective as to why it’s getting harder and harder to make money on the web.

Also I have sent to BMW’s US corporate office and eviscerating letter that is sure to have left blood on the floor. Sadly, it won’t do much good since they’re closed all weekend. They did find my car. They have done nothing so far. They aren’t even communicating. South Motors sucks ass.

Shout out to J and L in congratulations for their new house.

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