MRI Results — Unofficial

I got the films and CD today along with the report to take to my doctor. (One scan is posted on my Flickr Page for friend/family contacts only.)

I’ve read the report and it appears there is no major change in C3-C4 and C5-C6 which still show about the same mild disc bulge. There is still mild degenerative stuff. The new thing is “Small root sleeve meningocele on the right T1” — a Google of that shows it’s nerve damage — a trauma injury often called “traumatic meningocele.” I think the closest I could find is that it’s a brachial plexus traction injury. I’m not a doctor so I can’t be sure that’s a proper diagnosis (or what that actually means). Depending on what you read this will either get better, won’t get better, is treatable, or is not treatable. In other words: no idea at all. Any of my doctor readers who wish to comment may do so. We really won’t know until my doctor compares this MRI to the last one, but reading the report it made it seem this is the only ‘new’ thing.

I copied the MRI image files from the CD to my hard drive for future use. They’re interesting to look at though I have no idea what they mean. They’re in some unknown format but GraphicConverter on my Mac can open and display them.

Anyway, that’s really all the news until 6 July 2009 when I see the doctor for an interpretation.

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