Corporate Identity Theft Continues

There’s so much more now.

This morning at 850am I received a call from Kathy at the AT&T Fraud department who said our lines were still being forwarded (which didn’t seem right because I can call myself and it rings at the office). She refused to call to fix it, saying that she wasn’t authorized. (If she’s the fraud center how the hell isn’t she authorized to fix it? That’s like calling someone and saying their house is being robbed and asking them if they want to call the police because you aren’t authorized to do it.)

I am on the phone at the Business Center with Katie who informs me on 6-29- 2007 someone named George forwarded our lines to “786-290-2893” and this was “Call Forward Busy” and “Call Forwarding No Answer” — so this is more interesting. Also, I called this from a private number using *67 and it rings to a mobile phone with no message.

Apparently when we fixed it the first time (see first post), this original and VERY OLD issue didn’t get fixed. So now we need to find out who, exactly, this number above belongs to. I think this is our crook.

This would be an interesting crime. If both of our lines were busy, then and ONLY then the call would forward to that number so we might not even notice that some calls were being hijacked. I am beginning to suspect new crime and old crime are not related. But I won’t post that bit here for the time being.

Also, I am mystified that AT&T’s position is that they’ll notify you that there is illegal activity on the account and then do absolutely nothing about it. Seriously. That’s like a security guard at the bank calling the bank president and say “Someone’s robbing us. Should we do something about it?” and then when the bank president says “Yes” having the guard say “Ok, you deal with it. I’m not authorized.”

I called and spoke to Katie who was very helpful and checked all the work orders and gave me the 786 number above and the details. She said she didn’t understand why the fraud people didn’t call directly instead of leaving it all weekend. I subsequently received a call from Tina Kelly (Team Leader) who also said this was very unusual and they aren’t sure what’s going on.

The fraud department said there is unusual activity on our bill, but we don’t have the bill and nobody outside the fraud department can seem to see any unusual activity but when we get it, it will be scrutinized.

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