More Identity Theft Stuff — Personal Not Corporate

I am about to be sued. I got a call from Mr Trinidad at Wagner & Hunt, P.A, a collections attorney in Margate.

After a very bad start — can you imagine any other kind? — I come to find out I have supposedly co-signed for an American Express card with someone who owes Amex well over $8k. Obviously I have co-signed nothing for anyone ever. I just won’t do that. Never have, never will.

So I go on to explain to him that I have been identity-thefted (Look, Binky, a new word!) and I’ve got a police report, there’s a suspect in jail, and so-on and so-forth. So, he’s going to fax me affidavits to sign and swear to, and I’m going to send him a copy of my police report. So, this will likely go away. So, am I really going to be sued? Unlikely because it’s stupid to sue an innocent person: harassment countersuits and such.

However, I did volunteer to be deposed and swear the debt isn’t mine and the guy committed fraud. However, what is very, very, very disturbing is that he says that this dates to 2006. That was before my identity theft case started (though I was at BankAtlantic that far back, so it’s not unreasonable to assume it may be related). He did share with me the guy’s name which I won’t share just yet. I never heard of him, but I think it might the same guy who was at AT&T the other day trying to obtain the wireless data card (see previous posts). Call it a hunch.

I am getting so tired of this. I’m getting it on all sides. (And I still get the occasional call from a bank saying someone’s trying to open a credit card with my name.) I haven’t reported all of it so far because it’s getting boring to me and probably you. But it does drive to distraction.

Shout outs to John and Liz who are still moving, Erin who is still in pain and sick of the rain, and I’m hungry — no lunch for me 🙁

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