MRI Results and stuff

This is post 650 for this blog and the current counter has surpassed 230,000 which is pretty amazing to me. I also wish to point out I am spending too much time on Facebook lately. I’ll correct that in short order. Happy Birthday to Jace — I’m glad you’re having one, and I hope there are many more to follow. I have a brutal headache and have taken Fioricet. Good luck to David who’s off on his business trip.

I am saddened at the crash of the monorails at Disney (Purple was hit by Pink). One intrepid tourist shot a video just after the crash — a short way in you can hear security say they just called the EMTs. This video is at the ClickOrlando’s website here (you may have to watch a commercial first). It’s pretty disturbing that Disney security is more concerned about the guy filming it, than getting passengers off the train or trying to see if anyone’s hurt (or as it turns out dead). You can see some tourists trying to rescue the driver. This was at 2am and the very last monorail of the day, so doubly sad, bad luck. Over on YouTube an ex-monorail driver explains how this might have happened. The monorail was reopened earlier today.

So I had my MRI results today. Or, to be accurate, the doctor interpreted them today. There is no additional damage to my C1 through C7 vertebrae when comparing the new and old MRI except for what can be accounted for based on my age (fuck you!) The issue I had mentioned before “meningocele” is minor and isn’t the cause of my pain. So that leaves muscle and tissue damage. Since the last cortisone shot into my neck didn’t do much for the pain, we’re trying something else. I am having Celebrex for two weeks (2x day) and a Lidocaine patch (1x day for 12hrs). We’re going to see how that works. I saw Dr Berkower instead of Dr Cohen — same office. I liked him okay and he’s a hockey fan. He also checked my knee pain out and said it probably wasn’t serious and would likely go away over several months: that means returning to the pain level from before the accident.

And for those of you who might be ABBA fans and not on my FaceBook page, there’s this word of a pseudo-reunion from BBC. It’s in Hyde Park so have fun. I’d go but it’s on Dad’s Birthday which would be a bad thing.

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