Bruno, Books, and Stitches

I visited Erin yesterday, we went to Stevie B’s for lunch, then we went and saw Bruno (same idea as Borat). It was really, really funny. But both Erin and I agreed it had too much dick. This movie was a veritable pickle fest. Bouncing penises are not funny. But many of the jokes were. Much more of this movie was staged compared to the first one and those segments are obviously staged. Within the first ten minutes an entire group of six people walked out, and that’s a good thing because they mixed the bicycle with the dildo on the end. I wish I had missed it. This movie needed an NC17 and has no business being an R film. It’s funny — hysterical in some places — but it’s very vulgar even when compared to Borat. It’s also short clocking in at under 90 minutes.

Also, I had, shall we say, a fall and thought I was okay. As it turns out I ended up in the Emergency Room and now have 9 stitches in my lower lip, and my teeth in that area hurt like all fuck. It was a pretty hard fall. It’s all swollen and I can’t talk or eat without a lot of pain. Never go to the ER on a Saturday night unless you’re bleeding to death. I was, I guess. A second ice pack is apparently too complex. Somewhere along the way, my driver’s license seems to have vanished, and I suspect it will not return. Thanks to those who checked in on me to make sure I was okay. Here’s the shirt I was wearing with blood-stains:

I have some pictures of my post-surgered face and pre-surgered face but you really don’t want to see them.

While I was waiting in the ER I did have the chance to read an entire book called The London Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. I got it in London a year or two ago and then never got to it. It’s about one kid who goes missing on the London Eye. He gets on and never gets off — a seemingly impossible trick on a Ferris wheel. There’s another teen in the book who, we slowly learn, is autistic. He’s the one who cracks the case because that’s how his mind is wired. It’s neat because they never actually tell you that he is, you just learn it from reading.

Off to the pharmacy for some antibiotic cream for my lip.

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