Ouch + Stuff

First, my teeth hurt. Badly. Painfully. I will start to deal with that next week when, I hope, this stupid infection in my mouth is gone and the wounds have started to heal over. I’m sure I need an x-ray but if they touch me there, I’ll probably kill them dead on the spot. It really hurts. On the plus side, it looks much better on the outside. The inside, a little. While I do have a whole series of detailed photos of the progression of the wounds, healing, infection, and such I am not prepared to share them at this time. I didn’t mention, but there’s also an enormous (from my shoulder down to my elbow almost) yellow bruise on the outside of my left arm. One must assume that’s where I landed when I fell. It hurts but nothing’s broken there. My mouth, I’m not sure and am wondering if maybe something is slightly fractured.

Tomorrow I go back to the MRI doctor again. I was doing okay until yesterday evening. I woke up this morning with a horrible pain in the back of my neck on the left side. It’s a different sort of pain than before, so I wonder if it’s just a pinched nerve.

I have also made an appointment for my annual physical, which is overdue as was pointed out to me by the nurse. I am also going to have my doctor check my other ailments while I am there. He might have some sage words for me (other than eat less, exercise more, lose ten pounds).

Speaking of that, I finally stopped the weight loss. I realize that sounds bad since I need to lose weight, but a pound or more a day is just unhealthy. I was able to eat today. Soft and mushy, but I ate a full-sized (“Eric” sized) meal today. Those of you who’ve actually seen me since the original fall have expressed alarm at how little I’ve eaten. While I’d love to lose weight, the lack of strength and energy that has been accompanying it has been not fun. I still can’t do hot liquids or anything really cold. But I can eat. Yes, it hurts like hell because of pressure on the teeth (and I am certain I’ve got teeth problems) but the lip is slowly healing.

I also got my replacement driver’s license today which makes me feel much better about driving. And I ate an entire pint of Starbuck’s ice cream last night figuring it would fatten me up and help my lip feel better. I didn’t lose any more weight as I said above, but it made my lip feel worse. And my teeth, they did protest too much.

Shout out to Erin who had a good day at her doctor (foot/ankle etc). Mom is coming in this weekend, and I’ll try and see her. My Aunt’s been in but was unable to see her due to face pain. I could have seen her today, but she’s busy today. Maybe next time.

My trip to Vegas for the fastener show is booked (yay — thanks Karen) but I’ve really cut that trip down. My annual trip to Europe is also booked and I am hopeful that goes off without a hitch. Last night I had a nice dinner with Dad in the Gables at a new place that was decent. I think it’s the first normal stress-free meal I’ve had with him in a long, long time. Of course, we discussed work because Dad can’t not discuss work, but I’m okay with that. I’m reading a new book and hope to have a review here soon. I’m going to read more and watch more TV and spend less time online, especially if I can escape the horribly addicting “Farm Town” game on Facebook. Hopefully Facebook will begin taking posts from my blog automatically — it’s broken (again) and that’s why you should read my blog at the source and get the RSS feed. I’m tired of pain. I hurt.

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