Tron The Sequel

Yeah, that’s right: Jeff Bridges returns to world of TRON, now in 3D! Tron: Legacy is coming in 2010. I am skeptical and excited at the same time. There are some pretty cool clips on YouTube so maybe it won’t suck. I saw the original in Manhattan on opening weekend and was shocked way back then to find it was $10 for a movie. It was still $4 back home.

Some dental news: I probably won’t need my lip to have plastic surgery unless I am unhappy with how it looks now. So I can live with this scar. The inside is another story, and we’ll have to keep an eye on that. While my mouth is still very store, it doesn’t appear there is too much long-term damage except for that one bad tooth and my lip. The rest will heal although “it will take some time”

My Mac is back to being normal. It doesn’t appear I lost any files in the reconstruct, except what was on the desktop, which sucks because my new novel in progress was there and there were damn near 30,000 words. I’ll start over when my spirit feels a little less broken. In an odd and likely related event, the font on all my desktop icons has changed. That may not sound like much but in OS 10.5.6 you can’t even change it. So, something that’s not possible has happened. Odd.

Mom came in and we had a greasy, nasty dinner at Pollo Topical (her choice). Ew. Mom gave me some scratch-off tickets, and I’ve won $6 which I will collect tomorrow when I go grocery shopping.

In theory I’ve got company tomorrow until around 1pm or so, and thus have opted out of “moon day” with Evan, Erin, and the Higgi. I’m sure I’ll end up being bored. So maybe if someone wants to do something later in the day, give me a buzz. I need to go to the mall and get some birthday gifts and cards.

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