Fun on an Ugly Day

Woke up and went to breakfast (brunch) at Cheesecake Factory. It ended up being just me and Liz, but I had a most enjoyable time and that’s everyone else’s loss. I had French toast (okay) and bacon (yummy) and a glass of water — still no hot beverages for me 🙁

After which, we went to Incredible Ice for skating. While the ice was excellent, it’s just too crowded there to have a good time. I made it two hours out of the 2-1/2 before I gave up out of frustration.

On the way home from skating, it started to cloud up and by the time I hit the turnpike there was a deluge of the like I’ve not seen in some time. The kind where cars just pull over, throw on their hazards, and wait. (This being Florida, there are also idiots who drive with their hazards on. That is illegal in Florida. Period.) Hazards are not for use whilst driving unless your car is having mechanical issues. The deluge continued and my neighbourhood flooded. I opened the garage door, and the garage was soaked in seconds.

I painted the door from the house to the garage (the garage side) — first coat yesterday and second coat today. It looks good (colour) but I didn’t do such a good painting job. I’ll re-do it. I used the free paint Glidden sent in their promotion. I ordered teal but what I got was something similar, but not quite right. I don’t mind though. Free is a great price.

As it turns out, I did make it to dinner with everyone (except the Berners) yesterday so that was nice. We went to Lucille’s and I had leftovers — those were tonight’s dinner. For lunch yesterday, I also had an unexpected, but short, visit from Jace and Grant who were on their way to the Keys.

I continue to be very fatigued and nap almost every single day. I have rarely napped in the past three decades, so this is unusual. Not long naps (15 to 30 mins) but always between 3 and 6 in the afternoon. I’m just running out of gas. Not sure if it’s my suddenly altered diet or something else. I will mention to my doctor when I get my physical. All-in-all, I’ve been feeling very unwell for the past week — I get a bit light-headed, not quite dizzy, maybe even a little feeling like I’m oxygen deprived. No stabbing pains in my left shoulder or arm though. I’ve tried to figure out what these are symptoms of but can’t get a good match. My two best guesses were concussion or heart-attack, but the symptoms don’t seem to fully fit either one. The symptoms are closer to the heart attack, so I’ll see if my doctor thinks a stress test is in order. Ew.
I did my laundry after my nap and have been watching “Cronkite Remembers” on Discovery. They’re showing it all day. Yay. Shout out to Paul: Hope things look up sooner for you.

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