Brief Update on Health and Work

So, let’s see about today’s update. I feel I owe you one.

First, I am scheduled to see the doctor again tomorrow about this heart thing. I am pretty sure I have an idea about it, and I have printed out a page from the web about it. My doctor will laugh because it came from the Internet, but I do have a distinct candidate for the cause (but not the solution). Keep in mind this has been a high stress few weeks with many, many things going wrong. The accident, the complications from the accident, the fall, the lip issues, my AC not working, the identity theft issues, my dental woes, and so on. It’s more than I can handle. I’m one person and coupled with all the problems at work due to the economy, I am under more pressure than I can handle. Way more. And people keep dumping on me. I guess they’re waiting for a meltdown.

Second, speaking of the lip, on the outside, I can pretty much tell the size of the scar. I’ve bought scar cream to try and make it less noticeable. However, I can’t use it until the inside is healed. The wound inside is about 2″ long still and not fully healed. I’ll have the doc peek at it, but it’s really not his thing. But he can tell me if I need to go see someone. The area that was damaged has no feeling in it. I just realized it yesterday. I stabbed myself and didn’t even know. That’s got to be nerve damage and is about 1-1/2″ on the lip. I’ll worry about that later.

Thirdly, while it might not mean much to anyone, at work we’re almost C-TPAT certified with the US Department of Homeland Security. This has been — so far — an eight or nine month and counting process. It’s a program that makes sure that companies who bring stuff into the USA from abroad don’t inadvertently have “things that don’t belong” with their materials. It protects us against all manner of illegal things from drugs to terrorist items. While, as a company, we’re a very unlikely target for some weird terrorist weapon, that might be right where they’d try. Sneak a fuse in with one shipment to company A, a detonator to company B, and so on. I went to a seminar last November (and everyone knows how much I hate those damned things) but it was pretty good, and I ended up doing it. People knock the government often (and many times they deserve it) but the people at DoHS have been amazingly helpful and supportive in this difficult process. I will admit to wanting to beat my head against the wall a few dozen times, maybe even theirs once or twice, but our company is better for it. We have procedures and such that are beneficial to everyone.

Third, we have a raccoon at work. We’ve been invaded. Monday, we came in and saw raccoon paw prints on the employee fridge. Smart raccoon. We had yelled at the cat for taking a dump on the carpet in front of the door. The cat has never done it before. (I didn’t see the dump, or I’d have known it wasn’t the cat.) Today we came in and there were many more dumps — some of them really large. I’d have guessed a dog or small child but there were raccoon prints in some dust. We are getting a no-kill trap tomorrow and setting it. We also think it may have got into the office because there was a horrific smell this morning, though I am not sure there was any way for it to get in. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll have to hire a professional. We can’t come into piles of crap every day.

Lastly, the AC people have stood me up and I am pissed. Mightily so. In my weakened state, heat is bad. Oh, I think I forgot to eat today. Sadly, I’m not hungry and I continue to lose weight. Maybe my headache would better if I ate. I’ll eat something that doesn’t require cooking. Oh, and a special “hey” to Erin who returned to work and to Paul a bonus “my thoughts are with you”.

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