Another Day….

Today I had my first full physical therapy session for my neck. They damn near killed me, but I think that’s good. Next session I have to talk to them because they didn’t do a number of things on the doctor’s prescription. But they did do a lot of exercises for me, though there was one that involved holding my chin I couldn’t do — it’s still too torn up inside to really touch and I nearly scared the poor therapist to death when I smacked his hand away. Once I showed him the inside, he understood, though he was probably repulsed. (There’s some sort of growth on it now, and I need to get that checked out. It’s always something.)

I got my prescription but I’m afraid to take it. The list of side effects is daunting and it’s highly addictive. I’ll take it for three days to see if it works, but I just don’t want to take something that’s got this many common side effects.

Legendary director John Hughes, the man behind The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as well as other seminal works of the teen-film canon of the 1980s, as well as the screenplay for Home Alone, has died in New York from a heart attack. He was just 59. More from CBC here.

A friend (I think it was Lisa) had this on her Facebook feed. Ex-local scumbag newsman Rick Sanchez, who is now with CNN, did an interview with Rick Scott and just totally wasted him. He’s the guy who got fined $1.7 billion (yeah billion) for defrauding the government. He’s stumping about the health care plan and Rick points out his credibility issue. This is priceless. (For the record I am opposed to this new healthcare bill because it’ll cost way too much and ultimately hurt the people it should help. The numbers do not add up.)

Dunno what’s up this weekend but don’t want to be alone. :/

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