Just a Quick update.

First, Suzie-Q had a great review of the Kindle on her blog. I may consider getting one around the holidays if it’s in the cards at that time.

Second, I haven’t had any odd reactions to the unnamed pharmaceutical I started taking last night (with much trepidation, I assure you.) I am opposed to most pharmaceuticals and take as few as possible, and I am very opposed to stuff like this. Yeah, a small itchy patch but I get those anyway, so I’m not concerned. Dry mouth, yeah. A little tired, yeah. But nothing bad happened. And my heart is slightly improved. I even ate lunch today. A full meal. I take a 1/2 dose twice per day through Sunday AM then stop for my stress test and do not resume said drug until after consultation with my doctor. Everyone is assuring me I should not be stressed about the stress test. That’s like saying “don’t think about Megan Fox” to any guy. It just doesn’t work.

I had the second round of physical therapy today. I like the therapist I had today much better than my original one. I have changed next week’s appointments so I can see her instead of the guy. She actually explained each exercise and what we were trying to accomplish with it. It makes it better. I had asked about the ultrasound my doctor insisted be done, but she said they won’t do it until after the fourth visit.

I am going to update my will over the weekend. I am not looking forward to it. That way I have something on file that is more accurate than my eight year old version.

Nice article on Abbey Road 40 years on over at the BBC News website.

Trying to organize stuff to do this weekend without much success 🙁

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