Today’s Random Activities

Had nothing to do and I’ve been trying to keep busy. Woke up and called John at 10am as planned. Went over and saw his new house. It’s really nice and still looks like everyone’s house does when unpacked. But it’s got a great layout, the neighbourhood’s nice. Huge kitchen, and so on. I met Prudence the kitty and we got on fine. Picked up and petted kitty.

We ended up going to this BBQ place only to find out it wasn’t open. So, we’re 0 for 2 on that and ended up at Ernie’s (as I recollect) and had lunch there. Went to a cool record store. Went to the Apple store. I think I am going to finally get a laptop computer. Work will pick up some of the expense and then I can have a laptop. It’s a few weeks off yet, but that’s the plan.

Came home and did laundry. Got a reminder call from the hospital about tomorrow’s test. Because of tomorrow’s test my last food was eaten at 8pm tonight. No food, medicine, anything.

So, Karen came over and we went to Olive Garden (yuck) for dinner. The soup was awesome. I’ll give it that. Beyond that, not my first choice. We planned on desert, but it was too crowded at ColdStone so she went home.

Been fighting with iTunes all day via email. My account isn’t working properly, and they’ve now made me a new one (I don’t want a new one — there’s nothing wrong with my old one) so now I have two Apple IDs and three iTunes logins. And it all started because I asked where my one song I ordered had vanished to. That is still unresolved. I am pissed.

I also need to update my will which I am working on. I’m removing lots of people and adding a few. It’s a hard thing to do, but it needs to be done. Then I’ve got to get it off to a lawyer for checking. Razzie has recommended one down here, so I’ll do that. I’m not planning on dying right at the moment, but just in case I want to make sure some people are not forgotten.
I continue to get “private” calls on my caller ID. I don’t answer them. Never have, never will. But it’s odd because usually they’re telemarketers. But that’s not something I usually see on a Sunday night. I had just missed this one — came in while I was at dinner. Quite odd. I also continue to get some odd search hits on my blog. I suspect it’s all related to this ongoing nightmare identity theft thing. There’s me, the famous photographer, and this douchebag who all share my name. The photographer’s very legit. The problem is the guy pretending to be — or as I suspect multiple people pretending to be me since it appears my information (as I said before was sold). I am quite certain I am not a Hispanic male. I am also not a black female. And I’ve not written lots of bad checks. Nor opened an Amex card for a Hispanic male as a cosigner. I could go on.

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