Today’s Stuff

Today was a high stress day. Mostly I think I’ll mention I had my stress test and on the good side, I made it the whole ten minutes. On the bad side, the irregular heartbeat definitely showed. They sent me on my way since they couldn’t get my doctor on the phone (too early).

Had to have a meeting today so left the office for what should have been an hour but due to traffic was three. Came back to two messages from my doctor to call right away. Got the nurse and she said to call tomorrow morning right away.

My heart is just driving me nuts today but hopefully because I had to be off the meds today for the test. On a scale of 1 to 10, today is definitely a 1. I think I’m suffering from depression. Seriously. I am so overwhelmed at this point I can’t function.

I was asked why I am so opposed to the new healthcare plan. It’s hard for me to verbalize much of anything lately. But I refer you to this article at CNN (in the Fortune magazine section) which explains just some of the problems. Check it out. It’s not the free ride everyone seems to think it is. And there’s no free ride. Someone pays.

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