Some Special Thanks

I don’t want to mention names, but I want to make sure those of you who I’ve leaned on for support these past few months know how much I appreciate it. It’s not that any one thing is overwhelming but when a whole list of things is added together; that’s how it became the mess it now is. I won’t rehash all the details of all the things, but you’ve all heard bits of it in this blog, and some of you have been subjected to long, whiny ramblings about some of it. I just want all of you to know, that I appreciate those of you who have helped and even those of you who offered to help. I’ve received sincere offers of help from people I barely know, which I also appreciate it.

Everyone’s telling me how bad I look, so I guess it shows how low I’ve sunk. However, I am working on the situation and, when I’m comfortable enough, I’ll post more news here: probably after the visit with the cardiologist. By then I hope that I’ll have a course of action and let you all know what it is. And I continue to lose weight: three belt notches now. The rate of loss is less alarming now, and I’m eating some food now and again.

This article from my stockbroker amused me considerably and is entitled A Day In The Life of Joe Middle Class. You should read it. It’s a PDF file.

I had another physical therapy session on my neck. Is it helping? Not a whole lot, but it’s not hurting. And I do suppose these things take time. I keep telling them they’re exercising the wrong muscles, but they don’t seem to believe me. I’ll go for a few more session and then back to the spinal doctor and discuss it with him.

RIP to Charles N Brown, the founder and editor-in-chief of Locus Magazine, which I’ve been reading for over two decades. I read my first issue at Lavona’s first LaPub Live when I awakened early and was sipping coffee and needed something to read before everyone else got up. I found a Locus and read it, then read another, and so on. He died on the plane flight home from a convention. I just found out when I got my current issue of Locus, delivered late (as always) by the post office.

My car is still acting weird, and I need to take it in for service. I’m just not motivated now and don’t need another fight on my hands. And you just know it’ll be a fight. That’s not what I need now. More stress. Anyway, I’m going back to reading this Christopher Moore book I got from Dave near the end of hockey season. I’ve been a bad boy and need to finish and return it.

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