Movie and Book Review

I have a few days’ worth of updates. Saturday was a busy day. Woke up and after tending to some medical business, I worked my way over to Erin’s. We ate breakfast, walked around CompUSA and Borders before I totally ran out of gas. We went back to her place and watched Flash Gordon on TV. Or more accurately, I dozed in and out of consciousness on her couch. We watched some Catherine Tate and Muppet Show DVDs as well. The weather, as all you locals know, was horrific. The bad weather we got is now Tropical Storm Claudette and heading towards North Florida. After that, we went to TooJay’s for dinner, and I was very unimpressed. My food was really subpar, and the service was bad, but we really weren’t in a hurry so it didn’t much matter. We had some ice cream afterwards, and then went back to Erin’s and watched Ratatouille. After that I went home.

Meanwhile Tropical Storm Ana doesn’t look like much of a threat to us other than some wind and rain, probably around 40mph or so. Bill looks like he’ll become a hurricane and is more of a concern though it is appearing more likely that he’ll go further north now. It’s so far out nobody can really tell.

It’s been a bad weekend in the sense I blew of skating today because I was unable to face a group of happy people. Bad attitude on my part. I suck. I know. Sorry, guys. My head’s still all messed up and with all the medical issues and such this may happen from time to time. I’ll skip the details because I’m sure you’ll all sick of them.

I ended up going to see District 9 instead. Despite my total inability to concentrate, I did enjoy the film. It was nothing like I expected. It’s a documentary style film and that’s mostly how it plays out when not in “action” mode and consists of a largely unknown cast and is set in South Africa. It’s sci-fi officially but it’s definitely got action and some major suspense too. It’s also very bloody and has some pretty serious gore levels, hence the “R” rating. The film is of note because it’s done by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame. I don’t want to spoil it, but you should see this film. I hope they make a sequel because they left room for one. And the story’s intriguing as all hell.

I finally finished the book Dave gave me Friday night (at least I think so — my time sense is all out of sorts too). It’s called The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove and it’s a humorous fantasy novel or sorts by Christopher Moore. And it is, indeed, quite funny. Quite bizarre, quite unusual, and well written. Usually when things get too odd, they aren’t well written. I would call this “laugh out loud” but definitely amusing. Moore did a good job with this, and I think any reader of fantasy or sci-fi who likes a bit of humour thrown in will find this an amusing read. Certainly not what I expected, but a good read. If I ever wade through my huge unread book pile, I’ll try more of his works. The titles alone make me intrigued.

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