Hurry Up And Wait

Okay, let’s start with the news everyone’s been waiting for. Last night was an especially bad night after a not-so-bad day, so I was pretty glad I was going to the cardiologist today. I saw the cardiologist today after a way too long wait in the lobby. He pretty much confirmed all findings so far: I am broken and the cause is unknown — we have a key suspicion which I am not posting at this time. I would further like to report I am off every single medication except my Nexium*. I will be taking a new pill for a while to see if it helps. I have a sonogram — basically an ultrasound — of my heart scheduled for 9-11 (that’s just a bad luck day and I may reschedule on principle). The good news is, I am not expected to drop dead right now but we must fix this problem. Ignoring it just is not an option.

While I won’t go back and edit previous posts — far too lazy and impatient — I’m going to restrict details on health issues a bit more. If you want to know more, call and ask. I’ll tell you. I am still working on a mechanism for delivering more detailed results to my friends and family while keeping them from the public, but the current system isn’t properly secure. I’ll let those affected know if and when it works properly.

On a lighter note, those of you who make fun of my singing can read this article. That’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it. Thanks.

Also, I am continuing to get lots of hits on my blog looking for the “other” Eric Seiden. You know, the one with the SEC troubles. It vexes me. Then again, I bet the photographer dude is having the same problems. Not that I care, but it does amuse me to see who’s visiting my blog.

*and the random Tums, Advil, and/or whatnot.

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