Weekend Nears End

To start off, I am so glad Jace and Grant came to visit. It’s just been too long since I’ve seen them. It was when the last Harry Potter movie came out. Really unacceptable. We all accepted the blame for this, and we have mutually resolved to not let it happen again. I felt bad blowing off skating and my Aunt for it, but this was important to me (and I think them). Do the right thing and all that.

We had fun. The arrived very late Friday night. We went and had dinner at Fuegovivo and the food was pretty good. Adrian had mentioned it to me, and they wanted something different. We went to the location on Bird Road. Service was excellent and the food was good (not great) but the atmosphere was lacking. It was too bright and that made the messy decor all the more noticeable. Next to our table was an electrical outlet that was removed and not properly covered. There were quite a few like that. The carpet wasn’t so clean and in a higher end restaurant that isn’t acceptable. We’re not talking one spot; I mean overall just not clean. Beware, though, service is included on the bill: don’t double tip. We came back and watcedh KungFu Panda on my Blu-ray player.

The next morning we ate at OHP by my house and then went to the mall, swung by my office to get them one of our legendary BitKit100 sets, and also toured Tiger Direct. None of that is listed in order. That evening, we hauled off to the Hard Rock to give them a tour of the facilities, provide a lesson in selecting a less-sucky slot machine, and whatnot. We then ate at Renegade which they loved and lived up to its usual standards except for the delay in obtaining our check. I managed to finish my food — first time ever, though I couldn’t make it through the sides. Jace didn’t and so I have leftovers for tonight. Both of us got the brisket, albeit with different sides. Grant got the ribs and ate them all except for one or two which, I believe, are in my doggie bag. Bark, bark. We came back, walked around a different mall to work off a bit of dinner, and then came home and watched television. We went to bed pretty early.

Woke up, went to La Caretta for breakfast, Best Buy, then Barnes & Nobles. I bought them a copy of Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer to share. We came home, they packed, and left for home. I’m doing laundry right now, and then am off to Publix because I have no food in my house. I ate way too much this weekend. Sort of gross in quantity.

As a lovely parting gift, Grant sent me this URL about Concorde which pissed me off. I hope BA doesn’t do it. I think this unique piece of British Aviation belongs in British hands. Cutting it up and selling it? Heavens no.

I am just on my computer after the weekend off. I needed the break, though I did miss a few people for sure. I’m really tired. I don’t sleep well when I have company. Hell, I’m sure most of you know, I don’t even like company. Still, there are some people I enjoy having but I still can’t sleep when I have visitors. Ugh. And, Jace, if you read this, remember good friends are forever: it’s not just words. Don’t forget that.

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