An especially bad night…

Sleepless, painful, hot, cold, anxiety, heart racing, panic. Just too much. However, it prompted me to act this morning. I’m not better by any means, but there’s some progress made. I haven’t worked a full day in two weeks — missing mornings or evenings or mid-days for doctor appointments and such. This just isn’t good.

Rather than bore everyone, I’ve set up a private place for those of you who want details to read. If you want to get there, you need to ask me via phone or IM for the URL. Otherwise, you can settle for the short updates. (And just because you ask doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll give you the URL. With all the strangers who read my blog, I actually have to know you well to share.)

I don’t feel well now, not by a long shot. Today was another high-stress day on the heels of a horrific night. I’m actually afraid of bedtime tonight.

And in a humorous note, I got home and realized I stole the doctor’s magazine. I’m going to return it straight-away tomorrow. I’m embarrassed. A thief, I am not.

High Battery Drain” is the latest error my car is giving me. Thank God it’s a company car and I don’t have to pay for it. But I still have to deal with it. This is my last BMW. I think I said that before. How freaking hard is it to build a car with a computer that works? Apologies to Jan, but German cars suck ass because they are, apparently, over-engineered. Of four people I know with BMW (Dad, Greg, Karen, and Me) we’ve all had issues the past two weeks.
That concludes this post.

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