First the public post…

I’d like to ridicule the Florida Panthers first. They have a Facebook account and their crack team of people typed “If your one of the winners – email us with your contact details and ….” Your? Indeed. I’m sure they meant you’re (you are) but apparently, they don’t hire educated interns to run things. They made this same error multiple times in the same thread. I resisted the temptation to correct them. The point isn’t the grammar, really, but it is indicative of their ongoing lack of attention to detail. They have grammar errors all over the arena and sometimes on the scoreboards. When pointed out, they don’t do anything. They don’t care.

Secondly, an update to the Shalala anecdote from my previous post. Ms Shalala’s office called my father at home Saturday morning to thank him again for the “overwhelming gesture.” She’s classy. I’ll give her that.

Health updates will continue to be sparse in the public posts. But I have more doctor’s appointments scheduled. My physical health is borderline and shows no sign of significant improvement. Then again, that does mean it’s not getting worse. My emotional health, well that’s a continued problem. I find it interesting to see who cares about which aspect of my health. Some people are worried about my physical health and others my emotional health. I’m sure there’s an interesting analysis there, but I’m not having that.

I trimmed a tree branch from my neighbour’s tree that was blocking my satellite reception. I had bought a nice filet mignon to cook for dinner tonight, but I just didn’t get motivated and had a frozen dinner instead. Silly me.

And I want to thank my friends for their continued support. The people I’ve been leaning on the hardest got personal thank you notes over the past two days. It’s amazing what sharing my experience has prompted other people to share with me about their lives. Knowing you’re not entirely alone is one thing, but knowing there’s one person who really gets it is something entirely else. I never really got it before. I do now. FML.

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