The first of three boring weekend days…

Today did not start of auspiciously. Slept like shit — that’s becoming par for the course. I go to bed at 11 and sleep for 3 to 4 hours. Wake up and then toss and turn in 30 to 40 minute chunks for the remainder of the night until time to get up. Got out of bed at 624 and tried to shut alarm off before 625 but failed. I hate that noise. 625 on a Saturday? Yeah, had to go to South Motors with my BMW X5. They open at 8 and I wanted to be there at 730 to be first in the door.

Read paper (now must use glasses, dammit). Skipped food. Went to Starbucks and got a banana-chocolate chip coffee cake and a cup of decaf. I missed the flavour, sue me. Went to Walgreens and renewed my prescription and told them I’d pick it up later. They hadn’t renewed it because my insurance has expired and while we have new insurance, we don’t have cards. That’s $68 out of my pocket because I can’t wait. Anyway, off to South Motors, the dealership from hell. As I’ve said, I cannot in good conscience recommend this dealer because of their service department. I actually didn’t mind the sales department. You’ve all read my past tales so I’ll not remind you of them.

Earlier in the week I had spoken to my advisor Donny and he said he’d have my loaner ready and everything in the computer. It was his day off and I should see Steve. 

I arrive at 740am, and am second in line behind a small lady with very tight low-riding Brazilian cut jeans. There’s nothing wrong with being behind that even at 740am. I read my book (I’m on book two now) while I wait. They unlock the service doors at 8am because heaven forbid they let us in early even though they’re all there at 750. The tight jeans nice lady gets checked in while the 15 or so guys in line all watch. You know, I realize it’s sexist to stare, but if you’re clearly advertising, it’s hard for people not to look. I’m next. I ask where Steve is, but she insists I have to check in first. But I’m not in the computer. I ask again for Steve, she won’t tell me who he is or where he is. I ask for the service manager and she tells me she’ll page him after she checks in everyone in line. Please see above there are about 15 people in line behind me. I stand at the desk and refuse to leave, so she checks in people using the space next to me — the desk is big enough.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the service manager is going for a stroll. It’s my lucky day and his unlucky day because I intercept him. (You will remember from a previous post that I know his name is Carlos, which is how I knew who it was.) I tell him my name and tell him I am pissed. He takes me to his office immediately because he can see I am going to be very loud and disruptive in front of his customers. I remind him briefly of my previous “service” experience which was not satisfactory by any measure ever devised. I explain that many of the items are not fixed. I remind him they lied to me. I also explain Donny promised me everything would be ready and with Steve. He calls Steve and takes me over to Steve. And indeed, Donnie had left the loaner with Steve but had not bothered to put all the information in the computer. Because I knew this would happen — South Motors is nothing if not consistently bad — I had printed out a complete list of what was wrong. (Because I am an asshole, I also listed stuff like “5b from last visit not fixed” so they have to work at it.) Steve is nice and I am very nice to Steve: no cause to punish an innocent bystander. I am in the loaner by 820 and pulling onto Dixie Highway when the idiot light comes and reminds me there’s no gas in the car. I stop and fill it up since I will have it all weekend.

I drive like an insane man trying to get to Aventura for a 9am appointment (see private place). Amazingly I cover the distance and make it there at 904am. On the way I fix the radio as the previous occupant of car apparently had no taste. I am also reminded that Miami is a desolate radio wasteland. Conclude appointment near 11am. Call David Higgins and meet him for lunch at Mario the Baker. We then walk around Broward Mall as I try to find a present for Dad’s birthday and fail. I did get two funny cards. We part company, and I decide I’d try to call Timmy who I’ve not heard from in months, but I get his machine and hang up without leaving a message. I then call Erin and get no answer, leaving a message. That leaves me to go home which I do after stopping at the post office and Walgreen’s. I get home, fire up the Mac and check e-mail. Get the details for tomorrow’s BBQ for which I am excited. And I have an email from, of all people, Josh who I’ve not heard from in years though not for lack of trying. I am so mad I wasn’t around when he was on. Argh. I emailed him but haven’t heard back. Crushing, that is. I decide to go buy Snow Leopard because I don’t want to wait any more. So I go to Best Buy and find Dad a birthday present but now Snow Leopard. I return home to type this post instead of installing Snow Leopard. Blech. I don’t want to wait but I guess I have to. My shoes are in Florida according to the tracking so maybe I’ll have them by the middle of the week.

And now for something completely different…. Sorry but I’ve got a totally new topic. I have long been peeved by TSA because, well, they’re stupid. I don’t mean as individuals because many of them are fine, normal people. I mean the upper-level bureaucracy. Don’t start me on 3oz bottles and arguing with people with 3.2 oz tubes of toothpaste. I refer everyone to this article by which espouses what I’ve said before. (In turn it links to another article and another as well.) The TSA is not making us safer, only making you think you’re safer. Making everyone walk through metal detectors and x-raying everything is a good idea. But some of the insane rules they have make no sense at all. I’m bored.

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