9-11-09: We Remember + Health

I’m going to start with 9-11 first because by any measure it’s a world-changing, life-altering event. When 9-11 happened, I was worried because I knew many people in and around the area. I was relived to discover I didn’t actually know anyone who was killed. Or so I thought. A few weeks later (maybe a few months, I am not clear on this anymore) I called American Power Conversion (APC) to talk to our sales representative and get some advice and order some new UPS units for work. I asked for him, and that’s when I found out. Shawn Nassaney, 25, of Pawtucket, RI was on United Airlines flight 17 which hit the south tower (the second plane). I didn’t know him well, but it still has quite an impact when you realize you have a connection of any sort to such a horrific event. Jim shared this link of photos with us, and I will warn you that you may not wish to click on it. There are some images there that are disturbing after all these years, but like it or not they defined our nation for eight years.

I got my BMW back today. Is it fixed? Um, maybe. Sort of. Kind of. There are some issues with the centre display that I’ve noticed (range, etc) and they may clear when I next fill up with gas. They fixed the AC because I can smell the nasty cleaning chemical. They certainly didn’t clean the inside of the car. As for the stuff I asked them to fix (again) I just don’t know. We’ll see. No more BMWs in my future, that I can tell you.

Beatles Rock Band has arrived. Party scheduled. Yay. I am so looking forward to it. Having a bunch of people in my bedroom where the PS3 is located, not so much. But this is a monumental event and therefore I shall deal with it.

Today did not start well. Last night I simply didn’t sleep. My mind was all over the place. No drugs and then lots. Nothing helped. I mention this only so you know I was cranky as all Hell today. At 930, went to the doctor’s office and sulked expecting a long wait. My 10am appointment began at 1010am which, by any doctor’s standards, is pretty much on time. The doctor actually spent some time with me, so I am less inclined to be irate with him. I asked him some medication questions. He answered. He was pretty taken aback by my lengthy list of medications, but he knows the situations behind them all. He promised to confer with my primary care doctor.

I took the sonogram which I was stressed about. It turns out it’s a glorified ultrasound and I wish I’d have known that up front and I’d have been less stressed. It was a relatively quick test. The nurse was fast and efficient. I talked to her a little and told her how anxious I was not realizing what the test was. She turned on the audio in little spurts for me so I could actually hear my heart beating, blood flowing, and whatnot. She explained each of the heart’s four valves make distinct sounds.

Officially, I have no news until Thursday when the doctor will call me with the results. Unofficially she played the tape for me and showed me what was going on and gave me some reassurance. I am not dying (at least not from this) in the immediate future. The good news is that none of the valves are leaking, and nothing is escaping my heart. Three of the four valves seem perfectly normal. The fourth valve, well that was interesting.

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