Beatles Rock Band Party

The Quagmire is rapidly approaching the 700th post! It’s sort of exciting really. I can’t believe it.  237,800 viewers and counting. I thought I’d hit a quarter million this year, but it looks like late 2010 now unless something else I write spurs traffic.

Disney has announced Pirates of the Caribbean IV: On Stranger Tides. Really. I hope it’s not long and tedious. I will certainly wait for reviews before committing. I sense milking of a cash cow.

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs….  and then went to La Carreta for breakfast with John, Liz, and Evan. Yummy. Off to skating, which was satisfactory and then home for the Rock Band Beatles Edition Party (for the PS3), hence the opening line of this paragraph. Beforehand we watched some of the Tottenham vs Manchester United match which ended 1-3 (boo) but was over long before that. It was, according to BBC, the Spurs first defeat of the new season despite MU receiving a red card. I had no idea.

Beatles Rock Band has three instruments: drum, guitar, and microphone. All of us took turns in all three positions. I was never good at Guitar Hero and this game is no different. I simply so not have the hand/eye coordination to pull it off and it’s even harder because I have big hands and the buttons are too close. I fare much better on the drum kit. I wouldn’t classify myself as good, but I got as high as 87% and never anything really bad. I got my best score on the hardest song. Go figure. I also sang. Yes, that’s right. And I was absolutely horrible beyond belief, but my score wasn’t bad after the first try because it rates how you follow along and keep the pitch on the lines. You can even sing the wrong lyrics and manage. We had a lot of fun once we had it up and running. Well worth the money.

John left half of his roast beef sandwich in my fridge. He isn’t getting it back because it’s going to be eaten tomorrow. I’m a little miffed at BJ’s wholesale. A few months ago I got another case of Diet Coke — I don’t drink it, it’s for my guests. Evan said it tasted funny. The expiration date on the cans was 2005 and 2006. I suspect someone returned some old cans and I got stuck with them. My caffeine-free Coke was expired, but that’s because I bought it a long, long time ago and rarely drink it. All the cans were poured out today. I went to Publix and replaced the Diet Coke. Nice fresh soda for my friends. Sorry Evan, but I didn’t try and poison you on purpose.

Since, as always, I didn’t sleep, I spent most of the small hours filing old papers and shredding antiquated insurance documents. I found a 1p coin in my “to do” pile and have no idea how it got there, but I added it to my UK coin pile for my next trip whenever that may be. The Official Panthers Board has vanished after a week of being down. Curious. I think I’ll go out for dinner. I’m hungry and am alone and bored.

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