Purple Vans, Purple Vans (Apologies to Prince) + Movie Review, Etc

Paul: My thoughts are with you. I hope it all works out okay. 

You all wanted to see the shoes. Some of you whom I saw this weekend saw them in person. The rest will have to see this photo. If you click on the photo, you’ll go the Flickr page which has a bonus song for everyone, and I hope it amuses you.

I had breakfast at 930am with the Higgins family at Original House of Pancakes in Davie. Afterwards, I ran and got a quick haircut and then met them at the theatre. We went to the Muvico Paradise 24 which is now a Cinemark. Usually the place is packed, but, well, it wasn’t. Which was unusual. We would soon find out why.

Theatre had audio but no pre-movie slide show like it should (that’s a good thing). Previews started and we got a very extended Where the Wild Things Are preview (awesome beyond belief). Also saw a Nick Twisp poster on the way out. The movie started but the projector was misaligned, and it took them a bit to fix it. Some moments later there is a blue overlay counting down from 10 to 0 and then the slide show starts on top of the movie. I run all the way out to the front and get the manager who apologizes and says they only have one projectionist per side of the theatre. Yeah, one guy running twelve screens each. Nice. He comes, fixes it, and leaves. Five minutes later it happens again. Repeat performance by me and projectionist. Who leaves the light on in the booth — not the small light but the blazing light. Fixed again but 15 minutes of the movie shot to hell. Then the bitch in front of me starts using her Blackberry to send SMS during the film and I tell to shut it off and tell her how rude she is. Stupid bitch. After the film ends, Dave complains and get us passes to return and see it again. Yay.

Oh, right, the movie. We were seeing “9” a film I really hadn’t noticed or heard of. Dave picked it. I actually enjoyed it, but was a little lost having missed the first bit of the movie. It has an all-star voice cast. Elijah Wood, Crispin Glover, Christopher Plummer, and Martin Landau (he’s alive???). The animation is decent, but I couldn’t decide if the fire was animated or rotoscoped because it was so realistic. It’s a Tim Burton films so you have that overall dark feeling to it. This post-apocalyptic world is interesting as are the sack-people. The plot, as I said, was murky but it may have been because we didn’t really see and hear the introduction due to projection problems. I recommend this film based on what I did see.

Lastly, I read an article in today’s Miami Herald that sickened me. I have to share it. I nearly skipped it but I only noticed it because the Herald’s editors — whom are illiterate twits — have in the HEADLINE “ It’s release has sparked….” and that grammar error horrified me. I find several errors a week in the fishwrapper but rarely in the headline. Once some years ago there was a shark story, I wrote in with a copy of the article and marked it in red and told them to hire a proofreader. They wrote back and argued with me that it was right. IT’S = contraction for IT IS and ITS = possessive indication of ownership. Anyway, if you haven’t heard about the dolphin slaughter in Japan, you need to educate yourself because this is nauseating. This image will make you sick. I am not including it in-line because it’s so disgusting. The water is literally red with blood. Google for more because I just can’t stomach it enough to post more.

ADDENDUM: Disney is remaking the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. I am not making this up. Please, please, please someone stop them. Please?

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