Today’s Report….

Sleep still eludes me, but hopefully a solution to that is forthcoming. It’s been about two months since I’ve slept through the night and it is taking its toll on me. Blech. Enough about that in this blog.

I read the final book “Myth Alliances” in the Myth series by Robert Apsrin. He died earlier this year, guaranteeing the series is finished. This actually wasn’t the last book. I found it stuck in my unread book pile and had totally missed it. Sadly, it wasn’t very good. I’ll skip the review, but can’t in good conscience recommend this to anyone except the most diehard fans.

I don’t watch MTV anymore because they’ve lost the “M” in MTV and Music Television is now Moronic Television. And I don’t watch their awards shows or much of anything else on their insipid network, which grows worse each and every year. But last night on the news and in today’s paper and all over YouTube, there’s all sorts of bits about Kanye West and his terrible behaviour. In case you missed it, Taylor Swift (the teen country sensation — who I will admit is talented but sings almost nothing I am overly fond of) won an award. She was giving her acceptance speech which, Kanye West the egomaniac, came on stage, ripped the mike out of her hands and dissed her saying the always smoking hot Beyonce should have won*. Maybe he’s right and maybe he’s wrong — that’s totally beside the point. Kanye is a douchebag and sucks the big fat furry one. Why, exactly, is he popular or famous? It can’t possibly be for his music which is shite. Kanye was asked to leave the venue, so there’s a tiny amount of justice. There was a moment of classiness as the obviously embarrassed Beyonce won an award later in the show and brought Taylor Swift out to give her speech. And I like the fact almost every newspaper and celebrity is speaking out against Mr West — who published a clearly not contrite apology on his Twitter account.

Oh, and I wore the shoes all weekend and even if nobody else cared, I did. And my blog got a hit today from Google using the phrase “purple yellow vans” which may be the oddest inbound keyword I’ve ever seen. And I can’t figure out why my review of Brent Week’s Night Angel trilogy is climbing up the search results at Google Israel. Overall, my blog traffic is down considerably, and I really don’t care so much. Most blogs never get the traffic I already have.

And welcome to the Florida Panthers, Dennis Seidenberg. Maybe a new jersey is in my future for my (almost) namesake 🙂

And a frown to my sister for last night’s performance ruining my dad’s birthday dinner 🙁

*I was going to link to the video, but MTV is issuing takedown orders as fast as
they’re uploaded to YouTube. Even copies of the video posted at the NY Times and Boston Herald have been pulled.

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