Seven Hundred Posts*….

… but there will be no celebration today. WJM: you damn well better pull through. I’ll kill you if you don’t. I will come after you. I’m angry with you. We had a deal. (But I’m still sending happy, healing thoughts your way.)

Hockey season is upon us as season ticket booklets have arrived. I should be much happier, but I can’t today. Every good thing seems to be offset by at least one bad thing. Life sucks that way.

L’Shana Tova (Happy New Year) to all my Jewish friends and relatives who are celebrating the year 5770.

The legendary tube map has lost the Thames and after a huge furore, it will be reinstated on the September printing. No less than the Mayor himself has intervened. I don’t like this new Mayor — lots of bluster and a clear lack of thought behind it — but I agree with him on this.

Last night didn’t sleep any different than any other night. It appears I may have a prescription crisis, but I’ll have to find out in the small hours after I get home later. Still, I am displeased that I did not have either the automated email or phone call about my prescriptions which run out tomorrow.

And I am most curious about yesterday’s Disney crisis. As you all probably heard or saw on the news, a suspicious device was found under a bus. All 300+ of their buses were pulled from use and individually inspected. This time it wasn’t a false alarm. The device was not an explosive but it wasn’t supposed to be there and it’s apparently a transponder and sinister motives haven’t been ruled out. (Second URL has video clips.)

*Or thereabouts

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