Not Much Of Anything

I have a headache for reasons unknown.

The season premiere of House is tonight.

I have scheduled my root canal for the 29th (visit one) with two more visits to follow. I am sure you all know how much I am looking forward to that.

I hope WJM is doing well. I have no news since my first post and I am stressed about it.

Thanks for all the visitors coming from StumbleUpon to my throwaway post on irony.

Kudos to my friend Murphy Burch who has missed his true calling. He’s a pilot for American but he should have been a columnist instead. He’s written yet another great post for his blog on the official NHL Panthers website. The response to my post yesterday about National Anthems has been pretty sweet. I am disappointed I didn’t articulate what I was trying to say better, but if I think of any better way of expressing what I was trying to say, I’ll add something to the commentary.  (And I’ve fixed the link Josh bitched about.) Lastly, I doubt any of my readers here do business with companies in Korea. But, just in case I want to warn everyone about Inno Steel. He stuck us for about $186,000 at work. He’s not honourable, he’s a liar, a thief, a crook, a scumbag, and if you do business with him, you will get screwed. His name is Bryan Sung and most of his website has information taken from another company that I won’t name here. Even our collection agency wasn’t able to get anywhere. And worse, the Korean Trade Mission, won’t help us. (I’m not actually expecting any of my readers to do anything, but this will eventually make its way into the Google Search rankings and hopefully cause him grief. Anyone who wants to do business with his company should contact me before doing so.) There’s more, but due to the sensitive nature, I won’t post it here, but I’ve made the appropriate legal authorities aware. [I want to point as of Feb 2022 Inno Steel is still in business at the same location with the same name selling the same things, and denies he’s the same company.]

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