Day of Atonement (A Rare Religious Post)

(Shana Tova / Happy New Year / שנה טובה) and (Tsom Kal / Good and Easy Fast) to all my Jewish friends and family. And thanks to Google for helping me look up the Hebrew lettering. [If you don’t have the correct font installed, the lettering in purple will not render on your screen.]

Today was a visit with Grandma and Mom in celebration of Grandma’s 89th birthday. We dined at Houston’s which is always decent. That was followed by a trip home to do laundry. I was going to eat before the 24-hour fast was to start, but I just didn’t feel well. So I didn’t. I’m already regretting it and it’ll be worse tomorrow.

I went to temple with Dad. Today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, which is the holiest of days for Jews. In every temple on the planet, on this day, the cantor chants the Kol Nidre prayerin Aramaic, not Hebrew. Its name is taken from the opening words, meaning all vows. If you want to read about it, follow the links to Wikipedia which has a good explanation.

I came home and then tried to check my Mom in for her flight home, only Spirit sucks. $12 to assign a seat online. Really. Screw that. So that failed. Then dad asked if I’d go to work tomorrow because he doesn’t want to and I agreed, and called my doctor to reschedule my appointment. The doctor was happy because neither of realized it was Yom Kippur when it was scheduled.

I missed the season premiere of The Simpsons and Family Guy and am tres triste about it. My DVR broke last night (displays error 920) and DirecTV is sending a new one. It’s some weird glitch. It works and is fully receiving all signals and whatnot, all over 90% even — we know this because I can watch TV using it. However, it keeps popping up an error message that there is no satellite signal coming in and won’t record. It also denies there’s a phone line hooked up (there is). The hard drive’s been sounding really bad for the past few days anyway, so it’s probably best. They’re going to send out a new one next week after we ran the self-test and it failed.

I was going to read tonight but my head’s going to explode.

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