Why am I up at 138am?

Because I haven’t been to bed yet. And I slept for shit last night. Maybe 3 hours total.

Work continued to be eventful, and our Nucor complaint kept me busy most of the day. I spoke to the Mayor’s aide (he called) and spoke to someone who is having our complaint hand delivered to the Governor early next week. It’s quite a row, and while I am really disgusted at the situation, it continues to provide some amusement to me on several levels. Enough of that here.

I left work thirty minutes early because today was concert day for Metallica. On the way to the meeting point, I called WJM who is doing well. I didn’t lecture him too much. And I am absolutely thrilled he’s doing well. I cannot tell you how pleased I am.

We met at Friday’s for dinner (me, Liz, John, Erin, Evan, and Raquel). Dinner was uneventful and full of a number of awesomely perverted comments. And I was not the leader of the pack this time. Nope, that award goes to Erin. Polite company? Hell, no. Fun? Hell, yes. Dinner was good. But two hours later, dinner and I had a serious disagreement. But it might have been lunch because almost everyone had the same food, and I was the only one who had the disagreement. Friday’s has got very expensive, I might add.

We went to the Arena and parked. Got some free samples of Trident gum these ladies were handing out. Strawberry. I dislike strawberry gum, even when it’s free. Fail. We got in line, and it took us nearly 40 minutes to get in. This is the first concert I’ve ever been to that had airport-style security. Remove all metal objects, walk through a Magnetometer (that’s the real name of those metal detector machines), and then look at the overpriced swag, buying nothing.

We get there just before the second opening act starts, Lamb of God. They were, how do I put this delicately, um, bad. Take the worst parts of Korn and Limp Bizkit, take out any good musical riffs and mash it all together. And then screw up the acoustics. That’s Lamb of God. I realize that’s their sound on purpose, but I must ask myself, WHY?

Due to the wait to get in, we missed Gojira which is a French death metal band. They might not have been good, but they’d have been interesting, but we’ll never know. I am unable to comment on them. Metallica started about 20 minutes late due to a medical crisis with a fan who was being treated in front of the door where they were to come to the stage. I do not know the nature of the emergency, but the fan left strapped to a stretcher. I hope he/she is okay. I will assume it was an alcohol related fall based on crowd dynamics. The came out, and I will tell you the laser show and lighting systems were all awesome. The show was “in-the-round” (okay, it was a rectangle but you know what I mean). This is the first concert I’ve been to that had an actual mosh pit. I spent much of the concert watching it and found it fascinating. The music was okay but that’s my opinion because I didn’t like some of the selections. The last half of the show was way better than the first, for sure. Acoustically, it was better than many concerts I’ve heard at the BankAtlantic Center but that only means it was barely acceptable as opposed to abysmal. Being Metallica, the volume was loud. John, Liz, and Erin were all Twittering while watching the show. Interesting crowd mix and lots of interesting people. Some of them were pretty damned scary. I was sure I’d be the oldest person there, but not by a long shot. Lots of people my age and older. I’m glad I went, and I enjoyed myself. Would I see them in concert again? No. Once was plenty. I came home and watched the last half of Little Miss Sunshine because I wasn’t tired. I’m still not tired but it’s now past 2am, and I should give bed an honest try at least. And pray my dinner reaction goes away. (I still think it may have been lunch, though.) My personal stalker is still accessing my website using another IP. Yeah, I know it’s you. You’re not very good at this, but I’m not going to block you again, at least not yet.

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