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“I hate baby seals. They get invited to all the best clubs.” While it’s certainly in poor taste, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that one-liner. You are going to repeat it to someone. I just know it. Okay, now on with today’s entry.

The FTC has instituted rules that will impact a lot of bloggers, and I suspect many bloggers will run afoul of the new rules. Effective 1 December 2009, if you take money for reviewing a product in a blog post, you are required to clearly disclaim that. Penalties are $11,000. I do not accept money for reviews. I do accept ads from time to time, and I clearly disclaim them. I also remove them when the lousy bastards stop paying.

Hockey season begins at home for the Panthers this Saturday and sadly, they have yet to sell out the home opener, a new low in Panther history. The following weekend Where the Wild Things opens. So it’s an exciting two weeks. To my off-line local friends, I have one spare ticket to most weekday games. You are more than welcome to invite yourself by sending me an e-mail with a choice of date(s).

By way of Fake Steve Job’s blog, I was directed to this awesome series of photos. Most mortals will not ever get a job offer from Apple, but here’s what one looks like. I can confirm, for the record, it’s legitimate, though they sure have changed since my day.

The NHL continues to have issues, with two teams now the subject of relocation talks. The much publicized Phoenix Coyotes which have been rumoured to be Hamilton, Ontario bound for two years. And now, the Atlanta Thrashers which may be off to Winnipeg. (See our message boards for the details).

If you have a Hotmail or Windows Live account, please change your password and security question. They’ve had a serious security breach and over ten thousand passwords were compromised, though it appears mostly European accounts were affected. Your name and password were posted on public websites.

USA Today is predicting a very cold winter for the East Coast. I sure as hell hope so. I’d like one for a change. It was over 90 today. I hate that. Psystar, already in a legal dust-up with Apple, is now offering to license their technology that allows OS-X to be installed on any PC. Rumours continue to swirl that this technology is actually plagiarized from another program called Chameleon.

Apple’s long rumoured foray into Blu-Ray supposedly has been scrapped until 2010 according to John Gruber, who’s often right about such things. My friend Ernie has returned to blogging after a multi-year absence (yay) and Evan also returns with a new post. The script for the Arrested Development Movie is finally a go: about damned time. Two London papers are battling over an interesting claim. The Daily Telegraph is claiming that Iranian President, and world famous Jew hater,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is revealed to have Jewish past. Down the block, in an opinion piece the Guardian says that the Telegraph is lying. I have no opinion on the matter, but am amused at two major papers having it out with each other. Did I ever tell you why I hate baby seals…. ::drum roll::

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