Kiss Alive 35 Concert Review, Nucor (Brief), and Announcements

Disc versus Disk. I covered this in my blog well over a year ago (see here) and now none other than Apple Computer has weighed in on the same subject. They pretty much mirror my explanation with one notable exception. Nice to know they agree with me.

I want to plug this post called 121 Persuasive Techniques To Influence People at the Virtual Synapses blog. I normally don’t plug stuff like this, but this is a great post. For all us Machiavellians out there, you’ll recognize a great deal of stuff. And for those who need some help in that area, it’s a good post. From a business standpoint, you’ll find it very useful both in conducting your business, or more importantly, being on the lookout for people who use these tactics against you.

I have had a visitors from The Cloak an anonymous proxy server. I normally don’t care but, well, sometimes they raise a red flag. Do I know who it is? Nope. But I know where they’re really connecting from. If you use The Cloak, please note that certain web analytic tools are able to report back the real ISP you’re using it from. Since the user from that proxy was the ONLY user from that proxy, I compared all three logs for that entry — remember I use three tracking programs — and found the information. So, if you’re using it, you’re not nearly as clever as you think. I have your real IP address (yawn) with which I shall do absolutely nothing. Just so you know, if you really want to hide yourself, connect with AOL. While AOL has a record of where you go, you show up to a website as the main AOL server and nobody except AOL will know it’s you. (BTW, Cloak person, you’re accessing the site with an iPhone — that should get your attention that I know that.) I post this here only because you all need to know, that no matter how anonymous you think you are on the Internet, you aren’t. I learned all this from my desk without doing anything illegal. Can you imagine what someone determined could find out? You are not anonymous. Ever.

I am still so tempted by this chair. Will someone please talk me out of it.

Last night, courtesy of Timmy’s work, I saw Kiss in concert. The opening act was a band called BuckCherry. John insisted they were worse than Lamb of God. First, I am not sure that’s possible. Lamb of God is worse than sweaty balls at a Korn and Limp Bizkit double header concert and Fred Durzt following you home. Now, I have to tell you John has pretty good taste in music. I don’t like everything he likes or anything but he’s a real musician and we do have some common ground and I respect his opinion on music. (And he turned me on to the Pogues for which I am deeply grateful). The lead singer for BuckCherry has a great voice. And I liked the songs. Would I pay to see them in concert, probably not. Would I buy a greatest hits album? Yeah. The bottom line is I sat through their entire 45-minute set and liked it. And I’d listen to them again.

As you know me and every single person who has been to the BankAtlantic Center for a concert spends the rest of their life trashing the acoustics. It’s a known, ongoing problem: the instruments drown out the vocals and the sound bounces around. A few artists have awesome soundmen who manage to compensate, but most don’t. Buckcherry and Kiss had great sound. Their concert sets (from a strictly technical standpoint) whereas near to perfect as you could be in the building. You could hear the instruments individually, you could hear the singers individually, and you could understand the lyrics (as much as you can expect at a heavy metal concert). This concert sounded way better than Metallica or damn near any other show I’ve seen here.

Kiss opens big. Really big. Amazingly big. And loud. Kiss makes a Statement. With a capital S. The set list follows this post. Kiss Alive 35 Tour. I actually enjoyed the show even though I am not a huge Kiss fan. I do like a number of their songs. I must say Gene Simmons is looking his age and it was pretty scary, and not in a good way. All the HD closeups on the video screens you could see the white makeup caking in the cracks of his old age skin creases. Paul Stanley’s speaking voice was so accented as to be comical, but he’s got a great personality, but his age also showed though he’s aged far more gracefully than poor Gene.

I was disappointed to find there were pre-recorded tracks used. There were a few times nobody was playing their instruments and yet you clearly heard guitar music going on. And Gene Simmons, never a good singer, shouldn’t sing. Leave it to the new young guys who really can sing pretty well. I wonder at some points if maybe Gene’s mic wasn’t live. Gene puts on a good show, but to be honest, he is the weakest link in the band from a music standpoint. The setlist spanned their entire career and each and every song was well done. The stage show was fantastic and Kiss is rightly famous for it. You can find no fault with it.

  1. Deuce
  2. Strutter
  3. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
  4. Hotter Than Hell
  5. Shock Me
  6. Modern Day Delilah
  7. Calling Dr. Love
  8. She
  9. Parasite
  10. 100,000 Years
  11. I Love It Loud
  12. Black Diamond (opened with awesome “Stairway To Heaven” snippet)
  13. Rock And Roll All Nite
  14. (Encore) Shout It Out Loud
  15. Lick It Up
  16. Love Gun
  17. Detroit Rock City

    Today was Attorney Day and I spoke with a number of attorneys today regarding Nucor. Officially, unless it’s reopened, I’m done my part. Interstate filed its final paper via UPS Red today disputing the veracity of some of the recorded testimony. I also wish to rescind the nice comments about AMM made previously. I don’t wish to get into a pissing war with them, but basic journalism requires fact checking. They have, again, failed spectacularly in their fact checking. How? They didn’t call to check the facts. Period. The only person who can verify what I said (or didn’t) is me. As a result, one must suspect everything they say. I don’t care how nice they are, they are in my opinion irresponsible journalists. I am also over Mr Price unless he antagonizes me further by moving his lips. After talking with various people who were at the hearing, it’s becoming accepted throughout the industry that more damage was done to Nucor’s case by Mr Price than by the defence. I hope that there will be no more Nucor posts here until I report on the results in early November.

    My new laptop has been delayed at least two weeks and if it doesn’t show up in time for the fastener show, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m really pissed. Today I got a box the size of a shoe box in it with the airline power cord. Yeah. That’s it. Nothing else. A cable. I also got a shipping confirmation for some other part that I’m not sure what it is. So I’ll get another big box with nothing inside.

    Post nasal drip sucks. I’ve stopped using Technorati. It’s become worthless.

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