Asset 1039

Last night I took home company asset 1039. I know it’s number 1039 because it’s got a sticker that says so. All of our hi-tech equipment has these stickers. I configured it, set it up, and went through the short learning curve. Asset 1039 is the new laptop computer. Yes, it’s a 15″ MacBook Pro and happily the asset sticker is on the bottom, so I don’t really have to see it. It’s a standard unit with only an anti-glare screen added (plus the world travel kit). I’ve installed Firefox, OpenOffice, and Adium. Adium is technically against the rules because it’s a chat client, but it’s my primary means of communication with the office when I’m in Asia and with my Asian vendors when I’m here, so as the one who sets the policies, I’m making an exception. I also installed some shareware (Graphic Converter, Tex-Edit, iAntiVirus, AppFresh) which will be paid for next Monday. I may install Onyx or something similar soon.

Once all that was done, I went to our key sites (webmail, etc) and configured that. Then I set a user password for my account. As a company laptop, others can use it as well. However since we’ve got wireless at work more and more employees are bringing their personal laptops in which will probably reduce the demand. A side effect of that, is our network is really slowing down with the traffic.

Some cool new (yet old) pictures were put up on Flickr earlier today. My eyesight is officially shot, and I need glasses to read anything now and even with them, sometimes I need a magnifying glass. Not fun.

I got a rare visit at work from a friend. Jason who I don’t see very often (the one from high school and not the other two I know) came by and we went to the Hitchin’ Post for lunch. Nice visit and glad we did it.

In more amusing news (thanks Razzie), Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has officially dropped the “F” bomb in Official correspondence to the State Assembly, only he did it very sneakily. I’m proud of him for being petty.  The first URL is Wired, a reputable source. They got it from another reputable source, the Bay Guardian. The comments at the second URL worth it. But the ultimate fact check is the real letter is here on the State’s own website. I am amused because they had it coming, but not so amused because it was an important bill. Then again, all politicians are suspect, n’est-ce pas? Another amusing piece comes from J. Carney who shared this link which is about eight things Disney has banned some of which you might not suspect. Under it are more links and the Wal-Mart one is also worth a follow. Over on my message board, we’re rapidly closing in on the collection for the Yormark 666 jersey. You can read, but only members can post. I skipped dinner, instead opting to eat half of my semi-furry raspberries and throwing the nasty ones away. I had some grapes too. In other news, I found out the Oakland Bay Bridge has been closed since Tuesday after a repair failed. Not mentioned in the news or anything. I’m shocked because, well, I pay attention to Bay Area news. On the plus side, BART has blown away their ridership records. Special shout outs to Jace who’s feeling down, and Erin too. Some new Flickr photos are available today.

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