Out Damned Cough

This cough sucks. Dry and hacky and it won’t go away. I hatesssssss it. It’s not as bad when I’m lying down in bed. Opposite of normal.

Shout out to Tara. It’s okay: you can eat a PayDay bar if it makes you happy.

This from Dave Higgins. It’s a subway map. But this one takes 250 of the best movies of all time and plants them on a (fake) subway map. The amount of work and effort that has gone into this is mind boggling. The main page is here

and underneath are the links to download the image so you can spend hours looking at it. You can read the second page, mais il est en Française. However, for those who don’t speak French, he clearly states he took films as rated at IMDB and some of the films he doesn’t feel are worthy of inclusion.

I’ve been toying with a Blu-Ray drive for my Mac since they came out. But they started at $1200 for an external 1x speed, so it never materialized. They started falling in price, and now this one is out for $400 and it claims to be 12x. Anyone know anything about this?

Another hockey night approaches this week, and along those lines, someone posted an amusing link on the Panthers Message Boards to this blog, entitled Fake Michael Yormark. It’s clear someone has a lot of free time. There’s a blog, a matching Twitter account, and even a full live.com profile. There’s content, which if you look at it, is utterly hysterical. That assumes you know who Yormark is. He’s the guy I’m not a big fan of because (a) he’s a liar* and (b) he sold the team’s soul. I’ve commented my opinions on various hockey message boards about him. Some people seem to like him but most people I speak to seem to get the “used car salesman” feeling from him. I am enjoying the mockery, though I think it’s far too gentle. I gave it a thumbs-up on StumbleUpon and a mention on Facebook as well. If you’re as amused as I am, feel free to share it.

Yeah, it’s a short news day today. I’ll be back in a few days with more, I suppose.

Did I mention how much I hate this cough?

I finished listening to the Pogues albums I got: The Best of The Pogues, The Very Best of the Pogues, and the Rest of the Best. This is now one of my very favourite bands. I want to see them in concert. Their albums are very good so far and am in love with them. Thanks John. My favourite song of theirs is The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. I have a Rod Stewart version. Not very good in comparison.

I also listened to Dengue Fever, an obscure band that John was playing at his BBQ that I really liked. Having now heard all of them, some is really good and some average. But I like them. Then I listened to Kiss Alive IV which was pretty damned good — my first Kiss album.

Lastly, did I mention how much I really hate this cough?

*Specifically, I met with him (which was blogged) and he said he’d answer me within a week. In his own blog he mentioned me and said he’d be getting back to me within, two weeks. It’s been about a year. That makes him a liar. 

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