Berlin Wall and such

I’ll start with the doctor. He said I can expect to have my cough another one or two weeks. Yay.

This is from the legendary lawyer, Razzie. I am speechless. Seriously. This is the most unusual, bizarre, unreal, unspeakable, product I’ve ever seen. It’s a real product for a real condition. You will laugh or cry. Pick one.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall. Last night I watched a fascinating special (either National Geographic or Smithsonian, don’t remember). What’s kind of neat is my friend Jan lived through it as an East German. When we visited him in Berlin, he told us a lot about it and that whole era and time. It’s interesting hearing it from someone who was actually there. We saw the wall (what was left), Checkpoint Charlie (it still stands), and the Wall Museum. A little piece of history I remember so well, watching it on TV. I still remember “Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Why do I read business reports? Stories like this one, may not be interesting on the surface but you learn things by reading them. Like Cadburys owns Green & Black chocolatiers and Kraft owns Toblerone. Who knew? It’s chocolate, I have to care. That’s why I read those reports.

Speaking of 20 years ago today, this site is worth exploring. You’ll feel very old. Better yet, go here and select a year. Then cry.

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