Hello There

First, a special ‘hello’ to Nucor Steel’s corporate office in Charlotte who’ve made several visits to my blog in the past few days. Guys, you know I actually check my logs, right? I’m not looking for you specifically, but I do see you – you folks leave a large digital fingerprint every time you visit. I don’t really care, but if you think you’re being sneaky, you’re failing miserably. If you have any questions, I’m sure you can find me at the trade show next week. I am amused. Seriously. Find something better to do.

I am looking forward to the trade show, not because it’ll be fun but because it’ll give me a break. I’m missing hockey to go, but if you’ve seen the Panthers performance, you’ll know why I don’t care: because they don’t either. They are tied with the Toronto Maple Leafs for next to last in the entire league. The Panthers are sucking the big, fat furry one. If anyone has Peter DeBoer’s fax number, I would love to fax him something that will leave an impression if they hang it on the locker room door.

We’ve got two possibly interesting events scheduled besides our actual meetings: Santana concert, Frank Caliendo stand-up. Business dinners scheduled at Kokomo’s (of course), Nero’s, and Ferraro’s. We’ve not eaten at the last two, so we’ll see how they are. We’re taking a break from Mesa Grill. I’m sure at some point I will manage the Bellagio Breakfast Buffet and eat until I’m sick. It may not sound like a good thing to do, but I assure you it is. So far there are four meetings and a seminar scheduled Monday with almost no free time at all. Tuesday is the actual show. Wednesday is the second day of the show, but I’m not attending and coming home early. I should be home in the small hours Thursday so I can return to work that same day. Then again, knowing how airlines work, that may not happen.

I ate leftover steak for dinner. It’s definitely not as good the second time around. Normally I don’t have leftovers, but I made way too much last time, so I had to save one for tonight. I was also possessed to eat some yoghurt. I’ve not been a big fan, but I finally decided to give it a try again after two decades. It was whipped chocolate Yoplait. In fairness, it was better than some other yoghurts I’ve tried, but it still tastes like yoghurt, so I think I’m done for another two decades.

I’ve started shopping for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa. I’ve pared my list down quite a bit over the years: I had 22 in 2006, 16 in 2008, 12 in 2008, and now just 10 in 2009. I’m sure it’ll be down even shorter next year. And I will remind everyone, there will be no mass holiday card mailing this year. Last year’s was the last of a fifteen-year tradition, a victim of indifference.

Tim continues to be an excellent smart-ass though he’ll never be as good as me. If his IQ weren’t in the single digits, he’d be dangerous. See, Tim, I told you I’d get you.

And lastly, did I mention the cough really sucks and won’t go away? I’m so tired of it. I woke up today and thought I was over it. But by 11ish it had returned in force, and by 1pm it had won. I hate packing for trade shows. I’m trying to fit three suitcases worth of crap into one backpack and one checked piece of luggage. (If you’re in the screw, nut, and bolt business, you can’t bring your stuff on planes, so we have to check luggage or ship stuff ahead.)

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