Hobbling About

Hobbling was the word of the day. Still not adjusted to the time. Up at absurd hour, and then sent Karen an email to let her know I was awake. We went to the cafe and had a vastly underwhelming breakfast. We went for a walk on her bad leg via Mandalay Place, Luxor, Excalibur, NY NY, then to Walgreens and back to MGM. She held up well and we gambled a bit on the way. We watched the MGM lions including the two very cute cubs. Then we went back to the hotel via the Tropicana bridge and then to Excalibur and reversing the outbound trip. All this before noon.

We rested and she eventually called me because she was bored so we hobbled about some more, though she was definitely in more pain this time. This time from Excalibur, we took the monorail. She wore out at this point. We stopped at Burger Bar and got her dinner. I kept her company while she ate it. She had arranged the whole airport thing: taxi, wheelchair, and such.

I watched Barney Miller on WGN to kill time until dinner. Also watched a few footballs games but had to watch the ‘fins on my laptop since it wasn’t on TV and didn’t want to go back to the casino.

Greg and Gaby arrived, and we met at 7pm to take the cab to the Mirage for our dinner reservation at Kokomo’s. I got the prime rib and when they brought it out, it looked unusually large. Greg (or maybe it was Gaby) asked how big it was the waiter said between 24 and 30 ounces. Once I beat it, but not this time. I got maybe 2/3 of it before I threw in the towel and barely touched my potato. We decided to walk for a bit because we were stuffed to the gills.

We made it as far as Bellagio and then took a cab back. I went to see Greg and Gaby’s room at theHotel (that’s the name and not a typo). Nice digs. I called Karen to make sure she was at LAS in good shape and she was. And now you’re up to date.

Work starts at 8am tomorrow and lasts for the next few days pretty much 8am to midnight. Not sure if I’ll be filing reports or not. Depends how time is.

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