Autographed Cards, Windows Woes, and more…

First, the last in my series of NHL collectible photos was posted at Flickr today. I have plenty of more stuff, but this is all you get to see. This photo shows the NHLPA Binder, NHL certificate of authenticity, and one page of nine cards. There are many pages and this is a complete set of hockey cards and every single card in it is autographed. It’s the 1995-1996 Upper Deck Be A Player set. It’s pretty cool to have an entire set of mint factory cards autographed by every player.

I have no idea what it’s worth. I’ve never even considered selling it. But one day when I die, I know who gets it. That’s what’s happening with most of my collection. Any of my hockey friends who don’t predecease me, and I think will appreciate it, is getting a piece of this collection. Some stuff is valuable, and some isn’t. But it’s not about the money, but about who will like it for what it is. (Sort of like that Concorde model Murphy gave me— it may not be worth a fortune, but I love it just the same. It’s a true example of the thought really does count. And it’s one reason why I’ll never forget him.)

Windows Seven has experienced its first full-on disaster. FSJ [Fake Steve Jobs] isn’t much for real news, but every now and again, he surprises people. I actually feel bad not only for Microsoft but the users affected by this problem. He also makes a nice point: “… in the U.S. consumer space, we sell one out of every five machines. One in five. Mercedes and BMW each get about 2% of the U.S. auto market. Just saying.”

I also pulled my friend Andy’s ass out of the fire today and helped him recover his Windows Vista PC over the phone after it got eaten by malware. Remember, if you’re using a PC and don’t have something like Norton (or such) you’re courting disaster. And if you haven’t installed it and you get a window offering to remove the infections, you’re being scammed — same as if you get a message saying your credit card information is being transmitted. Think of Norton (or such) as a condom for your Windows PC. Using a Windows PC and the Internet is like having unprotected sex with random hookers — sooner or later, you will be infected.

Speaking of Apple and Psystar, they have not come to a decision legally, but they have pre-settled the case. That means, the case will go to trial because each one wants to be proven right. However, if Psystar loses, and they very well may, they have agreed to pay $2.1 million in damages. The company doesn’t have the money and is already in bankruptcy. I find this confusing as all hell.

I had more of the clotted cream Karen brought me. Yesterday I had some with scones. Today I had some with raspberries. And I’ve got enough for a third round. Yay, me.

Lastly, for a good laugh, here’s a great photo of an unfortunate Twitter Billboard.

You can read about it here. Clicking on the image will make it larger.

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