Stupid-ass phpBB 3.0.6

So today I upgraded PHMB to phpBB 3.0.6 from version 3.0.5 which was a simple process. What I didn’t realize is that it makes some significant changes that prevent roll-back to 3.0.5 and also prevent most of the new features from working. It also prevents anyone from registering. I’m miffed to say the very least. It is my fault for not understanding the full complexities of changes, but in a minor upgrade something like this, one doesn’t expect changes of this magnitude. So if anyone is looking for some money and has a basic knowledge of php, I have a theme that needs to be updated in a hurry. You can find information here where it says “style code changes” — I have a zipped file of the theme I can send if you want to decide what’s involved and how much you think you’ll need to charge. (At least current members can still read and post.) HELP ME!

My air conditioner is about to die. I’m going to have to spend quite a ton of money to replace it. I am displeased because this is not in my budget at all. I’m trying to arrange to have this done before the weekend. The current unit keeps overloading and tripping the circuit breaker. They changed the capacitor and several other parts (including the motor) but it still won’t output a consistent amp range and keeps popping right after it makes an unhappy noise.

The Panthers continue to suck ass. I’m wondering about the legal ramifications of a lawsuit. They are advertising a professional hockey team and I do believe that would make them in breach of contract and/or false advertising, possibly both.

Happy Birthday, Josh, wherever you are. Probably at Red Lobster. Eww.

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