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The NHL’s Florida Panthers continue to defy all expectations and have now lost eight of the last nine in spectacularly bad fashion. I could rip the team a new one because they deserve it. The players don’t care — anyone watching the game can see that. Okay, some do, but this is a team sport. The management clearly didn’t care for many years. Maybe that will change, maybe not. I’m not seeing it so far. I am a natural pessimist, or a “realist” as I call it, but this team has turned my game days into a not-so-fun ordeal instead of a fun experience. I realize the only reason I’m even going still is to be with my awesome group of friends, and the random visit from folks in other parts of the arena (Corrie!) who decide to try a game in our section (aka The Bitter And Cynical Section). You know, for years I was like the legendary Murph and was full of optimism until this team took it, stomped on it, spit on it, shat on it, and crushed my spirit. They want me back, they have to earn it. And they’re not doing it.

People come up to me sometimes, including last game, and say they read my blog posts, Facebook notes, and message board posts (the real board, not the new official disaster they try to pass off as a message board) and totally agree. To those people I say, stop being silent. Write a blog and say what you feel. E-mail or fax management. Post on my message board (or the official one). Link to the complaints of your fellow fans. At some point they’re going to have to realize we’re not a small group. Guys, today they said they’re working on the marketing plan for next year’s renewal package. I ask you: don’t they have more critical things to worry about than renewal packages? (I am not making this up. Indeed, this is true. See today’s message board post entitled STAB.) Your silence is self-defeating. Speak up for God’s sake. Enough of this for today.

Sue asks, “Are you planning to try Google Chrome? If so, I’ll wait for your review.” I answered her and realized maybe some of you might care: I’ve been using it for damn near 8 weeks — since 6 October 2009, in fact. It’s slow, stalling for no reason at all. It’s very clunky, and I dislike the alien user interface a great deal. On the Mac, at least, it’s not ready for prime time. Try it and see if you don’t believe me. But these claims of “speed” — it must be on sites that I don’t visit, because outside of it’s worthless. Sorry, Google, I love you, but Chrome is a fail.

While I’d love to vote with my wallet like most people, I have to vote in a way that lets me sleep at night. That tends to rule out a lot of people who’d protect my wallet at the expense of people who don’t deserve to have people treat them as sub-human. When I wasn’t sure who I thought should be president, I was seriously considering McCain because he’s a pretty moderate Republican. Then he picked Sarah Palin: the soulless bitch from hell. Yeah, I don’t like her. If there was an election between Bush and Palin, I’d vote for Bush. That’s how much I dislike her. She makes him look like a Rhodes scholar, and he’s an idiot. I mean that literally. He’s stupid. Dumb. I’m calling him names. Palin, she’s worse. I will thank the person who sent me this link which reinforces everything I think about this abomination named Sarah Palin. Read it, watch the videos, and then tell me why you think she should be in politics. There are plenty of good Republicans — she’s just not one of them.

Speaking of the GOP, we have an article here about what some of them do in their spare time. Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton is facing assault charges for allegedly beating the shit out of his mistress while having sex. His ladyfriend had not uttered the safeword probably because Jetton was beating her unconscious. That’s just sad. I continue to laugh at lamebook — which posts real Facebook entries that are just hysterical and/or scary. If you want LOL go visit. The first sign of the apocalypse is when I use SMS speak in a post.

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