The Return of Alan Price — and more on Kenny

For those of you who wanted to find Kenny Hill, I only remember his icon was ‘red’ and he was from Detroit, Michigan. He’s blocked so I can’t see him. But it’s “Kenny Hill” if you want to look him up. Yo! Kenny! Speak up, I’m sure you’d like to share your side of the story. And we’d love to hear it. But, Kenny, as much as you think I hate you, I don’t. You aren’t worth my time to hate. You are worthy of no notice except for me to mock. I like you far, far better than Alan Price who makes a return to my blog. Between Price and Yormark, I think I might like Yormark better.

Nucor Fasteners, as expected, has filed an appeal with the US Court of International Trade, claiming the USITC was wrong in their unanimous ruling that Nucor was not injured by dumped and/or subsidized imports from China and/or Taiwan. Alan Price called the decision “clearly erroneous and …. is arbitrary, capricious….” Well, you get the idea. We all expect this appeal to be shot down and then they’ll have to refile. Why do we expect it to get shot down? The reasons are twofold. First, Alan Price’s record with the ITC indicates he’s going to lose. Second, it’s my opinion his firm’s sloppy-ass research helped sink their case. How Nucor was dumb enough to retain a lawyer who lost them the case 6-0 indicates Nucor enjoys throwing their money down the toilet. Nucor can make a winnable case, but this isn’t it. They’re beating a dead horse. They will refile. When they do, I have a very small but devastating surprise objection to their new filing. I will very much enjoy it. I can guarantee based on what I’ve observed of Mr Price, he’ll make the same mistake again. I let it go the first time, but I won’t let it go the second. People are very predictable. I fully expect Mr Price to refer to this post in his filing. In fact, I’m counting on it. (I don’t have it in for Nucor, but if they’re going to be greedy twats that are trying to put honest distributors such as the company where I work out of business, it’s my job to fight them to the death. That’s what’s at stake.)

I think I mentioned this site before, but if you haven’t visited it’s worth a look. What is it? Quite simply, in their own words: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.

Oral Roberts the deeply religious man who was quite famous passed yesterday but I didn’t know what to say. I thought I should say something. Whether or not you liked him, he was an important note in history.  My friend John Carney has an excellent blog post about it, and I’ll let him do my work. John is a religious man, and I deeply respect this post because he’s (unlike Fox News) fair and balanced. It’s a well thought out memorial. If all religious people were reasonable, there would be a lot less war, a lot less friction, and a lot more friendship and understanding. I give John full credit.

Steve’s got a follow up post to yesterday’s talk with Randall Stephenson which is funny but not as much as yesterday. FSJ is also in hot water with the FTC for trying to bring down the ATT network and they have ruled that would be an illegal act. So I hope he succeeds because that alone is reason enough to do it. How the hell does ATT complain that people using smart-phones (not just iPhones) are overloading their network? If you pay for a service, you’re obligated to provide. It’d be like Comcast charging you for 200 channels and then complaining if you actually watched them.

Apple’s won their case against Psystar. It’s over and done for all intents and purposes. YouTube has released its most popular video list for the first time. YouTube’s 2009 star was Susan Boyle. While she ended up taking second place in that competition, but no one came close to outshining her on YouTube. Her “Britain’s Got Talent” videos attracted more than 120 million views worldwide. That was more than the next three most-watched videos combined. Read More here.

My local fishwrapper, the Miami Herald, is throwing itself at the mercy of its online readers. It’s asking for donations from people who use the site. It can’t afford to be free but it’s afraid that if they go subscription people will run to other, free, sites. More here on their plan.   I am undecided but do support the Herald even though they are a shadow of their former selves.

We got a visit at work from Dave Aronberg . He’s running for the State Attorney General. I hope he wins. He seems to be a nice guy as far as politicians go. Yeah, I suppose that’s a left-handed compliment but after so many years of corrupt local politicians it’s hard to get excited. I did have one serious bone to pick with him, and you all know me, and of course I did. One of his most famous cases was taking down “Miss Cleo” — now I do not dispute that her Psychic Network was clearly a fraud and was fleecing people from their money. But you know what, sometimes people deserve it. That’s not my complaint. As we all know, those commercials were awesome (in a bad way) and I resent that he deprived me of their entertainment value. After a good laugh, I gave him a tour, he hit me up for a campaign contribution (I’ll give), and went about his merry way. It was nice half-hour visit.

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